Thursday, December 13, 2012

GOOD-BYE MORTGAGE PAYMENT! 1,950 Star Wars Action Figures - 1 Online Auction

Action figures are more valuable left in the packaging. Yeah and you should always eat your savouries before your sweets, but some labels just fall in the never gonna happen pile. One set of fellow never-gonna-happener's is now auctioning off 1,950 ultra cool reasons of why the first rule mentioned in this post is not to be adhered too, by selling his entire Star Wars collection. Before you ask 'How many Vader's do I get for that?' - have a look at this;

I know four friends who seeing this are now rounding up every cent down the back of every couch they can think of. But yes for the visually mathematic it is only a portion of the total sum. Here's a few more shots, along with the sellers description;

To celebrate the publication of the most comprehensive Star Wars action figure book ever, and the one-year anniversary of the nonprofit Star Wars museum at Rancho Obi-Wan (ROW), we are offering what we believe is the largest single collection of unique Star Wars action figures ever made available on eBay.

Appraised at $8,200 to $8,500 US, this series believed to be around 85% of every figure ever made for the franchise, dates right back to the first line in 1978. If you do place the winning bid though (which you can do here) just make sure you come up with 1951 reasons why envious knee-high eyes and hands can't play with them all...

Even more and more pictures and figures, after the jump.


  1. That would be the problem, wouldn't it? How the heck do you buy all those toys and NOT play with them?!! I mean, I can't NOT play with the toys that I buy now to display. It's impossible. I make them dance. Then I make my children make them dance. Then they get into fights over who is the best dancer. (Black Canary always wins now, btw.)
    I betcha we could win if we pooled resources.

  2. @Random, ha ha, I hear ya' girl I really, really do. What's the point of buying action figures if you don't play with them every once in awhile; it's what the fuck they're made for:)

    @Dan, now I'm not a big Star Wars fan myself(yeah I know sacrilege to say for most people) but I can see the appeal, especially with these classic, vintage figures.
    If these were Marvel Legends or DCUC figures, you can bet your boomerang-tossin', koala-bashin', Foster's-chuggin' ,Aussie ass I'd be lining up to throw my bid in.

    Nothing else though, that really is an impressive feat to buy and keep all those figures over the years. Now that my friend, is dedication:)

  3. I have to say without a Kenner's Super Powers toy in there somewhere my wallet was pretty safely closed too Dale (I never did get The Joker). Still, now the auctions over you can bet one fan (or more) is locked away figuring out exactly how and where each prized piece is going to stand.

    Random, with her legs who could possibly out dance the Black Canary? Dancing with the Super(hero) Stars - this fall on FOX! Me, I'll let my War Machine do the dancing. No judge votes against a man with a mini-gun on his shoulders - no one!

  4. Umm. Actually, we have War Machine. And my daughter, Gwen (who is always the judge) votes against him every time. For exactly the reason you stated above. She says, and I quote, "Fishnets were made for dancing, not armor."
    She's still mad at me for not letting her be Black Canary for Halloween.

  5. I have so very many action figures and statues dotted around my home I dont know what anyone I bring back would think it says about me; its like those weird women who collect china dolls or stuffed animals...

    [thinks] oh, hang on...I cant' get ANYONE to come back with me[!].
    Well, at least I still have my action figures. Consolation.

    I think.

  6. karl, that's why I married my husband before I told him about the action figures. Now he just grumbles about me "nerding up the place". I refuse to correct him about the difference between "geek" and "nerd" one more time. I'm pretty sure that would place me solidly in both camps.

  7. Hey Karl! Great to hear from you again buddy. I think I have about half a dozen in total, plus a childhood's worth in storage at Mum's - can I part with either, no, but that's what the right partner can do - see it as an awesome quirk of who they are partnered with. Just like Randon says.

    I mean that's safer then them deciding they love figures too and playing with them right? Getting DC mixed up with Marvel figures in some cultures is a divorceable offence!

  8. Considering the divorce rate, I'd believe that one. I too have have a veritable army of figures haunting the corners of my room, so yeah that'd be a worry as well. I think collecting is safer than buying street drugs, but just as addictive and expensive, except maybe beer; $-wise that is:)