Sunday, December 02, 2012

HONEY, WE NEED MORE WIRE! Alien Metal Sculpture Terrorises Wooden Gargoyle

Back when I was a kid (sees atmospheric mist between here and there), people used wire to build chicken coups, not broadband networks - and definitely not insanely cool, Prometheus movie-inspired 'proto-xenomorph' Alien sculptures. If they had, I would've payed a bit more attention in class. Simple really.

Did anyone spy that wooden Gargoyle in the background?! How extra awesome sauce is that? That means this guy Richard Carey is as talented in steel as he is timber. Oh, to be so bi-lingual.

 What do you think?  To see more of Richard's behind the scenes shots and handiwork, click the jump!


  1. That is cool as fuck! That had to seriously take a shit-load of time to make. Very cool and realistic enough to scare a real gargoyle it seems:)

  2. Mind you Dale, I'd be scared if I bumped into that thing at night! Mind you it beats being frightened by my shadow huh? :)