Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'M THE JOKER, NOT A KING! Batman Chess Set Lightens The Room And Wallets

This time of year it's hard to find any money floating round the house or in the wallet, let alone a sweet eight hundy. Still if the lint and odd bubble gum wrapper in your pockets reveal something more, you might be able to splashout on this light-up-able (no that's not a word, and yes I'm going to hell because of it) Batman chess set.

Sure Nightwing takes a dive so Commissioner Gordon, the Batmobile and a Gotham tower can join Batman, Robin, and Batgirl fighting Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman, but since you'll probably use the pieces to play G.I. Joe type war games rather than the one for which the pewter pieces were actually cast, it's a small point anyway.

Every bat signal lights up, so it will perfectly match every other piece of bat memorabilia in your home already, leaving the only clash to be the one that happens on the chess board itself. More after the jump.


  1. as cool as i think this is, i would so rather see an actual Checkmate chess set complete with Amanda Waller as a White Queen piece and with Count Vertigo as her Knight and King Faraday as her Bishop accordingly. members of The Suicide Squad like Rick Flag, Bronze Tiger, Deadshot and Nightshade who all worked for her covertly while Waller was White Queen in the series could be some of her pawn pieces. Mr. Terrific would probably be the White King piece.
    on the black side no doubt Maxwell Lord would be the Black King, Fire as the Black King's knight, Sasha Bordaeux as the Black Queen and Mademoiselle Marie as her Knight. ofcourse i don't have all the pieces from sides figured out just yet but that's the general run down so far.

  2. Wouldn't Alan Scott be the White King Dave? He was pretty key in Checkmate for a bit there, and few are as powerful.

    As for the Black side, I'd love Brother Eye as the Rooks, maybe even a few OMACS as the Pawns. Still great idea though!

  3. oh yeah good point about the Omacs! as for Alan Scott he lost his position as the White King in issue #4. he just wasn't cut out for the job he was too idealistic. plus he and Waller didn't get along so well.

  4. Sweet chess set! A way fucking better than Harry Potter's Wizard's chess if I might add:)

    And can't believe Shlomo didn't go for the easy joke about Alan Scott not seeing eye to eye w/Waller. You know, on account that he only had one real eye w/a fake one as the other;)

    Fine, don't laugh at my stupid joke:)

  5. I laugh at all your jokes Dale - bill should be arriving in the mail any day now.

    Dave - hey - what's an organisation without at least one Idealist? That's how the pessimists know who to wedgie isn't it?