Monday, December 31, 2012

SHAZAM! Happy New Year Everyone

As I'm sitting in the first country to see the sun rise on the New Year and prepping to fly back to Australia in two days, I thought I would stop and wish you the best 2013 possible.

This year has been pretty turbulent for comics, but with new Neil Gaiman Sandman, more Saga, Man of Steel and a shifting comicscape in motion, 2013 still has a few hits up its sleeve. In choosing the image for this post, I picked Alex Ross on one of my favourite characters, from a time when it seemed everything was going his way.

Happy New Year to you all. May you all find your own rock of eternity, and one that allows you to fly higher and happier than ever before.


  1. Thanks Dan, and a Happy New Year to you also, and everyone else on here.
    For me, this past yeasr has been nothing but work, work , work, its been non-stop. Usually that dosent bother me [better the glass half-full than half-empty king of bloke, thats me.] but the past couple of weeks have marred it all with my mothers passing which has effectively wrecked Xmas and New Year for me.
    So I think I of all people will be looking forward the most to 2013 it cant get any worse [and Im being optimistic here, really]. Im starting my resolutions early in making a fresh start, its the only way to make this past year worthwhile.
    A very Happy 2013 to everyone!

  2. Happy New Year Dan. And Happy New Years to you Karl. I hope things go especially well for you this year.

    Happy New Year goes out to

    Dave, Dale, LisaGemini, Randomnerd, Diablou Frank

    Everybody here, the bronzetiger blogspot and all over the world

    Peace and Love

  3. @Omega: Ahhhh, you too brother, you too. Hope 2013 kicks ass as much for you in your personal life as your professional. Happy New Year's man:)

    @Dan, very nice image to close 2012 with. Wish the reboot never happened myself, so we could see this classic version of the Big Red Cheese again.

    Happy New Year's to you Mate, although it probably already is NY by the time you get this. Cheers!

    @Karl: Hey, sorry to hear about your mother's passing. 2012 hasn't been the best o years for me either personally, so I hear ya' on that one. And also hoping 2013 brings about positive change instead of just the negative kind.

    Happy New Years's again to ya's as well;)

  4. Happy New Year Dan!
    I love your wishes on a rock of eternity for everybody.
    Happy new start Karl and please keep that optimism. Thats a very important trait. I hope this new year will bring good things to you and everybody that comes here and that I keep in my thoughts for the fun I get from their comments.
    Happy new year OA1, Dale Randomnerd and Dave ^_^ And CDerosby!

  5. Happy New Year Dan. Hope you get back home safe and sound.

  6. Thanks guys - what an awesome set of comments! I'm back in Oz now after being stranded in Perth Airport for the night, I now have my own bed again, which I'm four seconds from crashing into.

    Hope the fresh start is workin out for ya so far Karl - that's an awesome attitude mr and I'm sure 20-13 will repay ya well for it!

    OA - thanks heaps! Hope 2013 sees a little more Bronze Tiger news headed our way. Someone has to realise the gold nugget they are sitting on huh? Best to you and yours.

    Dale - hope 2013 raises the roof on the man of the house of fun in every way good and some that are a little wicked. Look forward to sharin the year with ya and watching what you come up with next.

    Aliera - Glad you liked the rock tie in - I almost impressed myself on that one. Hope you had a fantastic new years too, and you're already well on your way to any goals you may have set!

    Craig - both boxes are ticked thanks mate. But thats me and planes done for a little while. Hey, planes to Oz from the US are still running though huh?