Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SORRY BROTHER BLOOD: 'Jedi' Ranks As #7 Religion And #1 'Other' In UK Census

As a selected group of countries that worship a Queen and defend the Empire, the UK isn't all that removed from the worlds and settings of the Star Wars franchise. Swap the Republic for the Commonwealth, Leia for Kate and Amidala for Elizabeth, and there you have it.

Now after a recent Census, another fact adds to the likeness list; 'Jedi' was found to be the number one 'other' religion, with second place going to Heavy Metal. The number of Jedi's in the composite nation formed by England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, places the lightsaber brigade at number seven on the over-all religions list, followed by 0.31% of the population. Just enough for a police force.

While Brother Blood from The New Teen Titans thankfully failed to make the list, for the equally evil at heart Sith out there, Google have your back, with this map stating the whereabouts of said Jedi, to help you in your hunt. Google aye - talk about unseen forces!

 What do you think?  


  1. Okay. Okay. So you're telling me, had the Sith had Google, they would have had a much easier time wiping out said Jedi from the face of the Universe?
    I'll buy that.
    Of course, I don't believe members of The Church of Brother Blood would actually check the box on the census correctly. Shifty blighters. I'm still watching out for them.

  2. Nice to see a heavy concentration of Jedi Knights in my part of the country. Often do I wander the streets of my town to see Light Saber wielding aliens.

  3. It may interest you to know that the number of people claiming to be Jedi has basically halved since the 2001 census - I guess the long term effect of the prequels, leading to mass loss of faith, finally started to kick in in the mid 00s...

  4. Thanks for the comments guys and hello from New Zealand! Probably heaps of Jedi's over here - all outside Hobbitville of course.

    I think you are right about Brother Blood Random - but still i think it's good to keep an eye on them.

    ElevBrit - good to have you drop in! Aliens weilding lightsabers... if that doesn't sound like a bar you'll find Han in I don't know.

    Robert - even Jedi's are in decline aye. Shows what happens when the preachers of the use of protection methods face when they actually start following their own advice I guess ;)