Tuesday, December 04, 2012

WIN WITH FATHEAD AND IADW! Your Fav Pop Culture Star On Your Walls - Life Sized!

Ever gotten home and looked at that poster or panoramic photo hanging on your wall and thought ‘Ya’ know what? You could do with a little Luke Cage.” Well Fathead has assembled earth’s mightiest to come to your rescue – life size - for real - and you can win one.

As my two fingers type this, the ginormous Hulk Fathead towers by my side, at an incredible 76" tall and 66" wide! Better yet, the print is extremely high-res, meaning this shot of the green goliath, fresh from the hit movie of all hit movies, The Avengers, actually looks like a Hulk is rampaging through the room! The dude is almost as tall as the wall!

Better yet, each sheet generally includes a few other bonuses for your buck. Mine, as you can see, not only features the main Hulk image that can peel off from the background and be hung (although with a background that flawless you almost ask why), a similarly removable Avengers logo and another mini-Hulk for a smaller wall, or even the fridge to guard my collection of midnight snacks.

Each colossal Fathead is more than a re-hangable wall graphic, with so many to chose from, you can literally create your own fantasy vs reality collage with stars of sport, sci-fi and more, all from within their extensive character library. Aquaman to Star Trek, Harley Quinn to Luke Cage or the X-Men, Star Wars to sports stars. Just imagine Spidey swinging to the rescue or Yoda yodering – lifesize – on a wall near you!

Actually, don’t just imagine. IADW is teaming-up with Fathead to give you the chance to put their brand of awesome into your home, studio or office, with your very own Fathead - FREE! Before I say how to win, here's a few wonderous words from the fine folks at Fathead themselves;

 About Fathead LLC  Fathead LLC is the industry leader of graphics products for large & small spaces – led by authentic, officially licensed sports & entertainment graphics. Fathead gives fans the opportunity to feel passion For Real by bringing their favorite inspiration to life. Fathead wall graphics include the signature line, REAL.BIG. - life-size, high definition wall graphics of athletes, stadiums, logos and fan favorite entertainment characters. The art and décor line features murals of classic & modern artists while custom Fatheads, available in vinyl or gallery wrapped canvas, put the customer in charge. For the space constrained, Fathead’s product line also includes Big Heads, Street Grips, Fathead Juniors, Teammates and Tradeables. Fathead Business Solutions provides unique signage and décor alternatives for companies and universities. With in-house design capabilities, Fathead customizes and installs interior and exterior graphics with expertise across a variety of materials – from removable vinyl to aluminum and acrylic. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Fathead manufactures all products in the USA and Canada for purchase worldwide. Fathead carries thousands of images and maintains over 500 license agreements with leading consumer brands across many industries and professional sports leagues. For more information, visit www.Fathead.com. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+. Fathead. FOR REAL.™

Got it? Good. To win, just visit the Fathead website, find the Fathead that most interests you, your kids or anyone deserving of a decent dose of 'wow' then come back and state the one you want in the comments section below. It’s that easy! I’ll be closing the competition Thursday next week, so make sure you get in to win, with Fathead and IADW - For Real!


  1. Holy Life Sized Asgardian! How do you choose? I mean, there's the classic X-Men, but they don't have Kitty Pryde, which isn't that surprising, but it means I can't put Kitty and Colossus together in eternity like they were meant to be. And I could be nice and choose Spiderman for the boy, but then my inner geek starts screaming at me that he's already wallpapered his room in the webslinger. So, as my first sentence indicates, I really have to go with Classic Thor. Why? Because who doesn't need that Golden God Gazing Gloriously down on them as they are sleeping night after night after night? I know I do. And this way it won't just be a figment of my imagination.
    Sweet contest Dan.

  2. It's a tough one, but I'll go with the Batman flying: Arkham City one. It just looks so cool, since he looks like he's coming to either kick your ass, or the asses of any intruders even thinking o breaking into your house. Awesome image that one.

    And like randomnerd said, sweet/very cool contest Dan! looks like you're hitting the big time eh?

  3. Thanks folks! I had a hard time picking the one I wanted to reveiw - I almost ran the Luke Cage way, but ever since Bill and Lou's TV series hit, I've always had a thing for the Hulk!

    Thor's a cool choice Random - but if you are prone to nightmares, maybe it's the Super Hero Squad version, more then the book or Chris Hemsworth versions you are after :)

    Dale I think Arkham City could be a series of still images and still sell gang busters. Very slick little numbers those bat-games.

    Good choice there too. Batman, Thor and Hulk. Will there be any other additions to our burgeoning Justice League?

  4. I think I might have problems with my husband if I had a giant version of Chris Hemsworth on my wall, Dan. And the Superhero Squad version would definitely be appropriated by the little boy down the hall. The Kirby version, however, both plays into my heritage as a Norsewoman and hits all of my inner geek goddess fantasies.

  5. Husbands! Piff! What do they know about great art? Still Kirby is Kirby Random, and you never can go wrong with that!

  6. Hey Random!

    We have picked you as the winner. I've just notified Fathead and given them you're address, so hopefully a Thor Fathead will be hammering it's way to your door any moment now!

  7. Hey! Thanks Mate! That's awesome! I can't wait to hang him on the wall. Now the only question is...do I ask the husband's input, or surprise him?

  8. Careful! He might want it for the garage!

  9. Yeah. No. I'm having trouble convincing him to go see The Hobbit with me. I think my geeky giant sticker is safe.