Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BECAUSE I SAID SO: White House Responds To Petition For Taxpayer Funded Death Star

Despite the fact I write to the White House once a day pointing out it's not so much 'white' as 'mother of pearl', every now and then the computer hugging folk inside flip an email back. Not to me of course, but rather in this instance to the close to 35,000 people who signed a petition to get the United States to start construction on an actual Death Star in 2016.

While you don't have to be a Jedi to know which way they responded to the mass of eligible voters, the official (somewhat humourous) response, is right here; 

 What do you think? 


  1. At first I was like "Who the hell would be seriously deluded enough to petition this?" And then I remembered oh, Nerds would;)

    I'm sure the Obama and the staff @ the "Mother of Pearl" House all got a quick laugh off of this though.

    Just think though if this really happened, in true typical fashion, all it would take is some amateur farm-boy pilot to blow it all up:)

  2. how about we just get a Robocop statue for Detroit instead it would be a lot cheaper then a Deathstar or even a super star destroyer and that would make most nerds pretty happy till.

  3. Some good old-fashioned steel for the for Detroit? not a bad idea. I'd support it if the state could afford it, which I'm sure they can't.

  4. Homer Simpson drives the Death Star... I can just see it now Dale. I'm glad you see it as Mother of Pearl too. Some say it's just me.

    Dave, I think for the price of a Death Star we could get an actual Robocop for Detroit - now that's Tourism value (well until he gets hacked and goes on a killing spree - but yeah until then; Ka-ching!)