Monday, January 07, 2013

FANTASTIC FOUREVER: Charles Paul Wilson III Uses FF To Recreate Avengers #4 Cover

Joe Jusko, Steve Rude and Alex Ross have done it. Heck, if you are in the re-creation mood, you've probably even tried your hand at recreating Jack Kirby's iconic cover to The Avengers Vol1 #4 - and why wouldn't you? It's got all the greats like Giant Man and Thor, it heralds Captain America's return, and even fits in the Sub-Mariner to boot!

But what if it wasn't Earth's Mightiest at all? What if that classic composition went to the world's greatest comic magazine instead? Well, as Charles Paul Wilson III shows, you'd get this;

Pretty sweet huh? While I still hold out hope for a version with the classic Fantastic Four logo spread across the masthead, this retro cover looks fit to use at any moment!

 What do you think?  To see more of Charles's classic cover recreations, click the jump.


  1. I Luv when this revisit to a cover is done and done right.

    This is one of em. Nice pin up Dan

  2. Thanks OA - glad you liked it too. I like it when that balance is struck. You know when it's obviously a homage, but they have changed so much it is still pretty original at the same time.

  3. Sweet homage....and I have two mugs at home with the original Avengers 4 cover on them.
    Hope this FF image gets reprinted/reposted elsewhere as its rather good.

  4. Thanks Karl - I thought you'd like it when I found it!