Saturday, January 05, 2013

GREAT RAO! Remote Control Superman Flies High Over Californian Beaches

The holidays. What a great time of year to go for a drive along a picture perfect coastline, marvel at what a beautiful world it is, and wave at Superman as he overtakes you, flying overhead. Now if that last sentence sounds like Dan is still hogging the eggnog you can imagine what these guys thought when doing exactly that, a radio controlled Superman flew past them.

In the DC universe, Superman at the beach generally means Brainiac's about to gatecrash your picnic. Here, tracing said RC 'toy' back to it's source, it just redefines 'New Years awesome' all over again.


  1. Whoops--from the wording of the YouTube statement, it looks like TPTB weren't as pleased with this fan's efforts as the rest of us!

  2. What a stink end to one fans efforts. I mean seriously - what kind of nanny state are TPTB trying to impose, where a guy cant create a RC flying toy. For this level fuss you'd think someone saw him and ran to the authorities believing the real deal and yelling 'The Kryptonians are coming!'

    Not sure what TPTB were behind this, but whichever quite frankly stink.