Sunday, January 06, 2013

REAL LIFE HEROES: Star Trek Into Darkness Team Give Terminally Ill Fan Own Screening

If you want to look for people going 'boldly where no man has gone before', look at those battling terminal health issues like leukemia.

41 year old Star Trek fan Daniel, has been fighting this war against his own body for over three years. Now with an aggressive tumour leading health experts to advise he has only weeks to live, a close friend and Daniel's wife took to Reddit, asking for Daniel to see the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek into Darkness, a trailer they thought was going to be shown prior to the first instalment of The Hobbit. It wasn't.

Determined not to let this request stick on a sour note, and showing how amazing fandom is when we look after each other at every level, Paramount, Bad Robot and director JJ Abrams made this fan's dream come true. Giving Daniel and his wife a full screening of the most recent cut of the film, on December 30th 2012.

The couple loved the movie "110%", and were highly appreciative that their gift was delivered by someone they feel takes such care of Daniel's favourite franchise.

As Daniel steps into the days ahead now in a brighter space, you can read the full response of Daniel's wife after the jump.


  1. man that's messed up this guy was married too. i can't even imagine what that must be like to have a terminally ill spouse. i'm glad they enjoyed the screening and got somewhat of a mental reprieve from the husbands health issues. and on a side note here i hope this one is better then what i saw in 2009.

  2. Thanks for the comments Dave! I think the first reestablished the heroes. Judging from the title and the balancing of the coin, that means reestablishing the villains has to come next. Plus who doesn't want to see Uhura get a little more to do?

    Like you I am glad this meeting was made possible. Escapism is a lot like religion in the strength it can give people to survive.

  3. speaking of movies Dan did you ever get around to seeing Judge Dredd?

  4. I remember here in England, years ago,there was a tv show competition where the prize was going to see the latest Trek film [I think it was the first Next Gen one] and it was won by a blind man. Part of the winning involved one of the presenters of the tv show hosting the comp to accompany them to the premiere, to report on how it went on.
    The presenter was a bit 'over-eager' [to say the least] and spent the entire film sat next to the blind fellow, narrating [very loudly, to all annoyance around] what was happening in the film. Caused a bit of a minor furore in the press with Trek fans who complained hed spoiled the film, even insensitvely asking why a blind person was even allowed to go to the film.
    Im glad this poor chap with leaukemia got to see his film, tho. And I read today hes now passed away, bit sad.

  5. Talkers during the movie Karl, I tell ya, nothing makes me go Nova more than that!

    Yes, sadly, Daniel has passed according to the Facebook page. Thankfully his wife and brother got to be there at the moment he passed, and he wasn't in any pain.

  6. Wow, that was damn cool of Mr. Abrams to allow Daniel and his wife to see the trailer, thus fulfilling Daniel's wish. Sad indeed that he passed away after what seemed to be a true struggle in every sense of the word. But at least one can take comfort that he passed on with such an awesome experience still fresh in his mind.