Friday, January 11, 2013

SONY QUITS MAKING PS2: Ultraverse TV Commercials Cure Instant Depression

Today came the sad news Sony is no longer making PS2's. God I loved that console (in wholesome only ways honest). While not as much as I loved my Mega Drive (Sega Genesis for you Northerners), as I wear black to commemorate the day, I'll probably dive head first into Ultraverse Comics. The comics universe iconic (unlike the PS2) for dying before its Prime (See what I did there?).

Because they find so much cool stuff, those folks at Comics Alliance also stumbled across this old commercial, where hip skateboarding guys ride to the news of the Ultraverse line. Do skateboarders use the word hip to describe themselves? Pass. Still these vids have bunjee jumping, rock music and almost combine Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure with that comic book guy from The Simpsons. It's win win!


  1. Hmm. Well can't say that's too much of a surprise there. With all the other game consoles out there, not to mention the PS3, the poor PS2's now just a relic doomed to be forgotten with the passages of time. Not me though. I still proudly play mine on a regular basis, and say to hell with the other high-priced consoles.

    As for those wonderfully cheesy commercials, oh god do look so dated:) They truly reek of the 90's, but in good way I guess.

    And to think, Ultraverse was actually popular back in the, just wow.

  2. Im with you Dale - I kinda like the games of the past a bit more than those of today anyway, but I'm probably one hand clapping on that one!

    Hope the weekend's being good to ya!

  3. Dan,
    I know you wrote this a long time ago, but I'm just seeing it now. Love it! I used to own Malibu Comics, and it was fun as heck making these commercials and producing the Ultraverse comics.

    1. Hi Scott!

      Wow, what an honour - I have been pretty sick of late - but now that that and the specialist visits are over i'm looking at reviving this site. To log back in and see your comment was just 'wow'.

      I loved the Ultraverse, and there are a few posts on this site which try to convey how much of my life was consumed with Warstrike, Prime, Primevil and Lord Pumpkin. It even inspired my own comics in 1B4 exercise books for years.

      Thank you very much for stopping by, liking what you see and commenting. It made my day.