Saturday, January 12, 2013

SPIDER-SENSE TINGLING! Full Venom vs Spider-Man Back Tattoo Rings Alarms

If you are a Spider-Man fan looking to get a tattoo, life must be so hard. What villain will you add? What Spider-costume will you throw ol' Peter Parker in? And what artists version of the world famous wall-crawler will you chose for your talented skin artist to re-create?

Luckily, for a slight portion of the population they can answer, 'Hey! I'm built like brick wall - chuck 'em all on!' And so they do;

When this customer of Level Up Tattoo Studio in Great Falls, Montana realises the tattoo artist has left out paper bag headed Spidey from the 80's, he's going to be ticked.

 So, what do you think? 


  1. And I have to wonder... How many hours did he stay in the tattooer's chair?

  2. Probably a good many trips to the tat chair on this one. I'd find it hard to believe if it was all done in one sitting, since that's many, many hours of work right there.

    But damn cool tattoo montage there. That my friends is a true fan!

    "Leaving out the paper-bag Spidey." Cute one Dan;)

  3. My old friend Patrick, when he was in the army, wanted to get an Incredible Hulk tattoo on his cock with the tagline 'you wouldnt like it when it gets angry', Despite his bravado he strangely went off the idea when said tattooist mentioned hed have to keep an erection throughout as thats the only way apparently one can get your cock tattooed!
    Personally Id have thought he shouldve gone for Ant-Man.
    Now where did that second panel with Spidey[?] It looks like John Byrne drew it to me. in an FF outfit come from? Which issue?

  4. great work but that must have hurt like a mother fu@#$%! i wonder how many sessions that took?

  5. Thanks for all the comments folks! Dave, Aliera, - I'd agree with Dale on this. I think each panel would've taken a couple of hours alone. That top one though is just incredible! Plus like Dave mentions - that shading only comes from one thing - pain.

    Karl, lol at Ant Man. Maybe he could've compromised and asked for Mr Fantastic (that way his look would fit and the name works in the same context)?

    The extra panel is from Amazing Spider-Man #258, where Peter has just had the alien symbiote costume removed from his body. He borrowed a costume from the FF to get home, but was unaware Jonny had put a 'Kick Me' sign on his back..(Yip Peter even gets bullied as a super-hero folks!).

    Just too bad he discovers it's there after the media surround the latest member of the Fantastic Four they find saving a young lady!

    It is drawn by Ron Frenz, and is part of the unbeatable Hobgoblin / Rose years of Spidey.

  6. LOLing at the poor guy having to keep an erection just to get a tattoo there; nope, not for me:(

  7. The tattoo was done over the course of a week and a half on a customer who flies up so our artist Pablo Jara can tattoo him. It took well over 60 hours.... our client is a beast lol and handled it like a champ!

  8. Hey Donna - thanks for droppin in with the extra info! Awesome job!

  9. No problem, thank you for sharing it!