Saturday, February 16, 2013

EAT MY SPANDEX! The Spider-Man vs Simpsons Mash-Up That'll Have You Kraven

When you combine Disco Stu with Mysterio, you've got a winning piece of art in any man's language. Add in other bang-on Spider-Man universe vs Simpsons cast mash-ups, like Kingpin/Homer or Sandman/Ralph, and you get this (click to enlarge);

Props have to go to illustrator Terry Ververgaert for not making Bart/Spidey. Thinking outside the web gets you places - and lets face it, Milhouse is a better (and more Peter Parker-ish) character anyway.


  1. I don't really see Bart as a superhero anyway. Maybe as one of those unfortunate Robins that shall not be named, if anything. But he definitely works better as a villain. And of course, he's beating up on Milhouse. I love Willie as Kraven, that is a perfect fit.

  2. Yeah I thought so too Random. speaking of which, it has been a while since Willie got mad and ripped his shirt off in a beserker rage and went and did something Wolverine-ish isn't it?

    Some of the old jokes the show was built in could still have a few legs. Where is Sideshow Bob anyway?

  3. Getting a messy divorce from his wife and having babies with flight attendants. Then marrying them.

    Or that's the rumor.