Friday, February 22, 2013

GHOST RIDER RANTS: The Curse Of Cute Merchandise And The Hulk's A Spice Girl

Being a die-hard Ghost Rider fan is hell. You want merchandise that's gonna' get your Mum hosing you down in holy water when she sees it, not giving you Insulin for the diabetic coma you slipt into looking at yet another range of misc wholesome hero propaganda. Then MOMOT chucks the trusty Spirit of Vengeance in their range and you slam on the brakes thinking 'Hey, I can have my hell and my heaven too'.

Forget figuring out what a 'MOMOT' even is, just look at that bad son of a gun. Right by a car collision and he doesn't even care. Why? Ghosty doesn't mourn the wicked. Unlike that Spider-chap - you know that glory-hogger who is so unimportant he gets thrown into the MOMOT Avengers group shot.

Piff Hulk, hang your head in shame. You all look like Spice Girls...

How did I know that vid existed? Trust me we've all had to endure our own versions of the Penance Stare at some point or another. To rev up your desktop or home, grab your own Ghost Rider MOMOT right after the jump. Flame on demons!


  1. Awwww. His widdle head is all flamey! So cute. In a "don't let your mother touch me" kind of way. Of course.

    And Dan, Spice Girls? Really?

  2. Hey -anything and everything can appear here on IADW. Also Ghost Rider isn't cute. He's the embodiment of kick assery. Just sayin :)