Sunday, February 24, 2013

MAKING A MARK: Andrea Meloni - And Why I'm Glad He Wasn't In My Art Class

If I was as good with the paintbrush as I am with the mouse, I would've been keen to say to the folks at Marvel Masterpieces, "Now Joe Jusko has intimidated everyone out of contension, here's my portfolio - see it and weep'! Alas that's not me, but one dude who could follow in my reoccurring dream footsteps is Andrea Meloni

Yes, he's that guy in art class I'd always end up sitting next to. One whose painting blurs the lines between the best of the medium and photo realism, plus one I would've started painting vengeful caricatures of on my opposing easel just to realign the cosmic balance. 

Every time I see a brilliant Psylocke piece I instantly wish Marvel would give her more of a pulp Immortal Iron Fist type series, rather than hoarding her over in Mutantville. Just look at those swords! If they don't scream Kill Bill nothing does. Speaking of scream...

No, Thor's not screaming 'Adriaaaann!'. (Why do all the Rocky fans visit my blog?) Still with a tempest raging all around him, whatever he's about to put a little Fear of the Thunder God into, it better get out of his way.

What do you think? Sound off below in the comments section or click here for more great Making A Markists. To see Meloni's hot paint gallery, including Elektra, Hulk and the Black Widow, click the jump!


  1. Holy shit that dude can draw/paint!!!! That Catwoman print is the best, and very, very hot!!!!

    You still got it Dan, finding these awesome talented people no-one's heard of just yet. No doubt their phone rings off the hook after your free plug;)

  2. I like those pussy pillows of Catwoman's.

  3. Thanks guys - glad you dig his style as much as I did. And Dale, I'm pretty sure that phone call will be the lawyers offering to help sue for indecent exposure, but hey, what do law folk know anyways right?

  4. I love the Catwoman!

  5. That seals it Aliera - the Catwoman piece is the hit!