Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2B OR NOT 2B: Alien Lead Sculpture Will Have You Approaching All Pencils With Caution

I call one of my best pencils 'Arnie'. At a pretty minimal size after years of use, the amount of lead left in the un-killable pencil seems to be an endless supply. Naming a pencil after an action hero may be one thing, but it's another entirely to carve from a pencil's lead a sculpture of an Alien, using the wood element to complete a stomach-bursting recreation. But some do...

Now that's what you get when you mix talent and time my friends. Almost as good as mixing peanut butter and jam, but no doubt only half as tasty.

 What do you think? 


  1. Wow. And I used to think I got bored in Math class.
    Think he shouted out "Oh no! Not again!" when he was done? And then maybe made it tap dance along the desk to "Rag Time Gal?"

  2. That is cool as hell. I'd so wish I'd have had a either a good pair of scissors or an exacto-knife to make that. So fucking cool. Now I want one.

  3. A tap dancing alien Random? Do you have an inside line to broadway and know what we don't?

    Dale, if I made it I would literally go to show someone, trip and either snap it in the fall, or impale myself and create a real chest moment. I'm that kinda coordinated.

  4. Dan, have you never seen Spaceballs? Really?

  5. He might now have random. Youtube that bitch post haste Dan-0. And me too, I tend to be clumsy like that as well so don't feel bad.

  6. Seen it Random? As a kid that movie defined what I thought of each time the news mentioned 'combed the desert' forest or other landscape. :)

  7. Evil will always win, because good is dumb. heehee.
    Man, I loved that movie. So many great lines.

  8. I'm not a fan, but... THAT pencil!
    Didn't closed my mouth yet.
    okay, now I did.

  9. Odd question Aliera but who would you carve from lead?