Saturday, March 09, 2013

BY THE EYE OF SAURON! Minas Tirith Sand Castle Calls To The Lord Of The Rings

A mound of sand with a stick in the top is the closest I come to being a sandcastle genius - it's more fun to actually stumble through other peoples hardwork, busting their better efforts apart 'accidentally' while pretending to eat an ice cream. I kid, I kid! I'm all for creativity in any form. Especially when said talent with sand makes my paltry efforts look even more feeble. Like this does;

Who sits on the beach and thinks 'Hang staring at the sunset and contemplating the bigger picture, I'm going to build a detailed replica of Minas Tirith from Lord of The Rings, right here out of sand!'? Deviant Artist BuckarooJoe that's who. And as you take your time to marvel over it's detail, I bet once he finished, he did too... right up until he realised it had been a while since he saw his car keys.
 What do you think? 


  1. Now. This is like making a cake that looks like Minas Tirith. Except it's even sadder when it's destroyed because there's no butter cream filling. Still, excellent artistry.

  2. Thanks guys glad you both like. It's not the first object in LOTR that springs up for fan tributes to be made of but boy is it effective!!