Thursday, March 21, 2013

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Bautista Signs On As Drax the Destroyer

In the coming months, this blog will focus more on the 'other' characters running amuck in the worlds, nigh universes of comics. Characters like Drax the Destroyer, who has recently been cast for the upcoming cosmic Marvel Studios feature flick Guardians of the Galaxy as MMA fighter Dave Bautista.

While in the 90's, Drax was almost a foil to the spin-off adventures of the Infinity Watch, since Marvel's cosmic rebirth in the pages of Annihilation, and the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy comic series by writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, he has been anything but.

Joining Chris Pratt as the half human (I'm guessing) point of view character, Star Lord, Drax is an obvious choice for membership, given the shadow of Thanos looms large in the future of Marvel movies. After his family is killed by the death loving despot, Drax is bestowed with a green muscular body befitting his fighting skills, in order to get revenge.

As for Dave? how can you say that's not a perfect match - they both have arm tattoos!! No multi-hour Mystique-ish blue paint make up sessions there. Wait, you mean Bautista still has to be turned green? Oh well, will give him fuel for the fight scenes I guess...

Guardians of the Galaxy launches August 14, 2014.

 What do you think? 


  1. Looking forward to this!

  2. It's a perfect guy to play Drax. Who else is going to be in the movie? And how has the new book been going, I havn't checked in a while?

  3. Likewise Karl. Lets just say I will be the que for this movie in Australia for this film!

    From what I understand Tiger even Groot and Rocket Raccoon are in the mix and with cosmic so diverse a few decent cameos probably will be dropped in too. A silver surfboard perhaps? As for the new book, I personally didn't pick it up with Bendis writing. Personal preference I know, but Guardians and he just don't seem to gel to me.

  4. This is really is a pretty damn good choice for Drax. Batista's an ex-pro wrestler, so he can talk when he needs to, but I don't see him talking too, too much, since this new Drax isn't much of a talker. He's there to look physically intimidating and be the muscle of the group. Well, mission accomplished. He'll do fine, I'm sure of it.

    Looking forward to this movie and how else the Space part of Marvel can be explored movie-wise.

    I will say, not so much on Chris Pratt. I enjoy watching him on Parks and Rec and the lovable screw up, but I just don't see him as a more serious guy, and no I didn't watch Zero Point 30, but I'm still not completely sold on him as Starlord. Matt Damon or someone like him yeah, but not Pratt.

  5. Hopefully Dale the next question answered is who will voice Rocket. I mean can you hear the talent agent pitch 'you know what, we'd like you to follow in the Marvel Studio movie success, like chris, Robert and Anthony Hopkins have. With that in mind we want you to be a raccoon. What do you say?'