Monday, March 11, 2013

MOVE ASIDE MICHAEL JORDAN: Nike Unveils Invincible Iron Man Sneakers

Sure all-time legend Michael Jordan walked on air, but did he fly at Mach 3? Now all you Nike fans who've hungered for what to wear after the Air Jordan range took a backseat can rejoice. Nike have unveiled the new 'Air Force 1 Iron Man' sneaks. Perfect for being your own red and gold Avenger on the basketball court. Check them out;

No they are not Dorothy's slippers from Wizard of Oz, smart ass. Say that to a guy wearing these though and he'll probably make you click your heels and say 'There's no place like home'. Now if only I could find where the jet exhaust shoots out of the soles...

 What do you think?  To try and get your hands on a pair before they are gone, click the jump.


  1. Those don't look half bad! They'd go great with blue jeans. And while jets might have been out of reach, even for Nike, I'm a little surprised they didn't try for skate wheels flipping out from the bottom.

  2. I reckon they don't look too bad either Comicsfan! Who'd have thunk. Still those folks at Nike know their shoes - and that's coming from a lifelong Slazenger fan!