Thursday, March 07, 2013

SHELL SHOCKED: The Deadpool Fan Art Made From Actual Bullet Shells

Deadpool doesn't waste many shots in the line of duty, he'd rather whip out a one-liner about what kinda guy sets out to conquor the world in spandex... unless he's spraying the battlescene with bullet casings just to indulge a sudden exterior deign bent. One fan with a simillar artistic bone took to recreating the 'Pool's infamous facemask, using actual bullet shells, all in honour of the mince-faced mercanary. See;

Entitled You Missed, Mike Oncley not only did this killer concept for the MintCondition Issue #2 comic book show (price tag 800 smackers), being the swell chap he is, he actually put together a quick vid on its creation too.

Maybe now he can do the Punisher skull or Domino with dominoes. Hey, I may be always hungry for more, but at least I'm flexible.
 What do you think?  


  1. Yes Deadpool! This is amazing, love it. And love your blog man! Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks for commenting CrogDog! Gotta love it when other characters get their time in the sun don't you. Spidery is great and all, but every now and then you just need to see what the fans of Deadpool or Luke Cage are up too.