Sunday, March 03, 2013

THE WONDER WOMAN FAN TRAILER: Avenging Amazon, You're On In Five

Proving you can kick plenty of Nazi ass in a solid gold support bustier and boots is this Wonder Woman fan trailer, directed by Hollywood stuntman Jesse V. Johnson and starring Nina Bergman. Creators always seem to differ on whether or not the Amazon Warrior should be able to fly, but really who needs to soar at Mach 3 when you can cruch bones and stop the spread of Axis evil like this...

 What do you think?  Is that a Dr Psycho? If fans can bring Diana to life as good as this, what's up with Hollywood? Curse you studio execs!


  1. We've just been discussing, and raving about this over on the two WW forums/blogs I frequent. This truly is a wonderfully-made splendid piece of work to behold, the fight scenes are intense, the costume had minor updated tweaks that are perfectly suitable for any revamp and it has a solid cast [Gina Carano, Peter Stormare from 'Prison Break' and Tim Murphy from 'Revenge' I spotted in the clip].
    Enthralling from beginning to end.
    I really enjoyed this, both as a long-term WW fan and a comic-book fan in general. It makes that Adreinne Palicki pilot that came out two years ago seem like so much worthless fluff.
    Someone contact the guys that made this and get them onto making a full-length WW movie - STAT!

  2. You know what Karl, not only did this go down well on my Facebook, this week I've kept seeing Wonder Woman in odd places all over this week. Maybe it is finally her time, because to be honest, I'd be pretty gutted if she had to settle for a TV series. WW has been there done that, lets get her on the giant screen for once.

    As for Wonder Woman forums, it's actually the fun time I had on one that helped me decide to start IADW. So there you go, random info for your workday. Have a good one.