Saturday, March 16, 2013

THEY SERVE OUR KIND: Hoptimus Prime Beer Transforms You As You Drink It

After a few brewskies, ever pretended you are a Transformer and 'transformed' to a ball and back for an audience? Or maybe argued over whether the transforming sound from the infamous cartoon was 'chick, chink chunk, chick' or 'chick, chuck, chunk, chink'? Well now you can add even further fuel to your thirst quenching fires, with this; Hoptimus Prime beer from Robinson Brewery.

With a taste described as 'malty, fruity hop, crisp', Hoptimus Prime is said to transform your ale expectations and satisfy all of your hoppy needs. Just like 'beer vision glasses' used to do I guess. Now if the case was done up like a big rig, well that would be just to cool for words. (Via)


  1. Oh wow. I need this. My friends need this. I hope it tastes good. I'd be really disappointed if it's just a one off with a cool label. I'd rather keep it stocked in my fridge forever.

  2. I;d try it, if only to get hammered enough to re-enact scenes from the movie and the transforming sounds.

    And maybe I'd learn the dance moves to the "The Touch" as well;)

  3. Now they just need a non-alcoholic drink for kids called the Bumblebee or something and I think we'd be away. Oh yeah and the Megatron for those really heavy days.

    Be careful who you share a glass with though, not everyone can handle the power of the Matrix inside them!

  4. Who doesnt want beer Karl - it's one of life's best mates!

    Actually I hear Soundwave was actually meant to be a beer cooler fridge originally. With different beers wines and spirits jumping from his chest and transforming into destructive robots. Then they opted for something a little more kid friendly and got the designer some help. True story.