Friday, April 12, 2013

ALL NIGHT BENDER: The Futurama Themed Wood Stove With Attitude

Sure "5 gas bottles, 5kg of welding wire, 90 litres of CO2, various bits of steel mostly 1.2mm sheet, plenty of plasters and copious amounts of alcohol" don't sound like the most futuristic of components, but look what 'Halftroll' from the UK was able to make from them; a fully functioning (but not in the way you think) wood stove, in the form of Futurama's Bender!

Burn the sausages in this oven and it will probably insult you (and out-drink you) - let alone any guests! Still, I know what you're thinking, "Wouldn't it be great to see this 'Bender Bending Rodriguez' in action?" Well fine folk, warm your hands over this wee vid...


  1. Pensol3:30 pm

    I believe Bender should be the one to take down Ultron in that Age of Ultron thingy Marvel's got going. And howdy again Dan! ^_^

  2. Howdy Pensol! If hat happened I'd buy ten copies. Just don't tell Marvel, heyd do it just to spite me. Disposable income thieves that hey are!

  3. The guy should put signs next to his house and charge admission to see this. It's a work of art!

  4. Even if admission was a cold beer, it's still a bargain at any price!