Sunday, April 28, 2013

BE ALL YOU CAN BE: University of Victoria Offers 'Science of Batman' Course

Ever thought it would be cool to be Firestorm, but no University lecturer would be cool to be bound with, like Ronnie Raymond was in the good old days? Well there is one such 'sensi' that might just break the awesome scale, and that is whoever gets to teach the 'Science of Batman' at the University of Victoria in British Columbia - let alone the folks who got the course approved in the first place.

Why endanger your life as Batman's more brightly coloured trainee (and bullet target), Robin, when you can explore in the comfort of an air-conditioned classroom the human body and it's adaptability though the life of Batman?

Still got both parents? That's okay. No basement big enough to hide a car, sub and plane in beneath your house? Apparently that's not a major either. But I tell you one thing, if I ever head back to Uni, my major, this course will be.

 What do you think? 


  1. that is too awesome! caught high speed fairy from Seattle to Victoria back in my early 20s. great city mate i think you'd feel quite at home there.

  2. Thanks Dave! Any city with a Batman connection is sweet to me. Actually Melbourne has a pretty big link of its own. When I figure out how to capture it on camera, I might turn it into a post.

  3. Pensol1:28 pm

    I know what I'M getting my Master's in!!

  4. You and me both Pensol!