Thursday, April 25, 2013

COMICS WITH A CAUSE: Graphation's Charity Comics Redefine Heroes

Remember the days where the 'Big Two' comic companies used to create an array of not-for-profit comics to benefit certain charities or public service announcements? Well Graphation is a new company looking to bring that sense of comics that give back back in a whole new way. They are creating comics that directly benefit charities under the catchline 'I Comic. I Care.'

Better than me telling you all the news, here are the boys themselves to fill you in on the deets and how you too can play a part;

You have to think, aside from escapism and imagination, inspiration has to be part of the trinity as to why comics as a medium have endured. Inspiration not only to be editors, pencillers or writers, but to be the good guy or gal, no matter the world around you. Helping Graphation's Charity Comics soar only helps to give that inspiration even more of a 'play it forward' feel.

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