Saturday, April 13, 2013

COVER SHOTS: The Best From IDW Publishing's July 2013 Solicitations

It's always hard judging the best covers from IDW Publishing's range of titles. Awesome images of Transformers series' vs sweet shots of Star Trek titles. G.I.Joe, The Crow, My Little Pony, the list just goes on. But from their July 2013 solicitations, one guy's cover almost brought the school. Don't make me point him out to you, he's right below.


Who is this Inaki guy and why haven't I noticed his work earlier?! Damn this cover will have casual and in depth comic shelf perusers sticking their hands in the air (before reaching for their wallets that is)!

IDW says: "The Cursed Earth, Pt. 1" As chaotic and violent as things can be in Mega-City One, it's all unicorns, ice cream and rainbows compared to what you'll find beyond the outer walls in the CURSED EARTH! In the wake of the devastation of The Long Fail, Dredd is forced to lead a small team of Judges into the scariest stretch of irradiated wasteland to recover the very soul of the city..!

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)

Transformers: Monstrosity #2
Livio Ramondelli

If any Autobot comes close to rivalling the 'cool' of Optimus Prime or Grimlock, it's Jetfire. If any artist should be chained to the drawing table to draw nothing but Transformers his whole life, it's Livio. See how all these two things go hand in hand?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villain Microseries #4: Alopex
Tyler Walpole, Ross Campbell
Alopax, Shredder's main mutant poised over a giant blood red foot. You know as in 'Foot Clan'? Not only is it sparse and effective it's as eye-catching as hell. Finally something that makes my size 13's seem not so giant too, so good vibes all round.

 What do you think?  Sound off below. For IDW's full July line-up, follow the jump!


  1. as i understand it later this year there will be a Judge Dredd comic that will act as a sequel to last year's movie which unfortunately won't be getting a theatrical sequel. with any luck it'll be a new comic worth buying for a change.

  2. speaking of IDW the Mars Attacks TPB that comes out tomorrow is going to include a bonus ROM spaceknight pin up page, no joke!

  3. Hey Dave! Good to see you on here after a few days off sick! That's great news about ROM, always have a soft spot for Mars Attacks too, but you have to wonder, as IDW don't do anything for no reason, if it foreshadows something else?

  4. actually i was talking to Chriss Rydell from IDW on facebook this morning and he told me he's been working diligently for 7 years on the rights issue for Rom. no break throughs yet but in the mean time he's going to do whatever he thinks he can get away with like this pin up. if you look at today's posting you'll see what a big Rom fan Chris is and how much he loves working with the legendary Sal Buscema these days. yeah i like the whole Mars Attacks genre too i used to have the original comic mini-series (1994) by TOPPS Comics that was some good reading. fortunately that series was written in a serious sci-fi manner and not all slap sticky like the movie which i didn't much care for. but then again i hate most everything from tim burton.