Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LET THERE BE LIGHT! First Thor: The Dark World Movie Trailer Ignites The Net

In the first Thor movie he was tasered, stripped of his mantle and powers (reclaimed them), bet both Loki and The Destroyer, died and was reborn (naturally), and drank beer. So when it comes to a sequel, you have to wonder what's left right?

Try a big stonkin' dark elf, played by Dr Who actor Christopher Eccleston, through in many of the key actors from the last solo hammer whirling flick, and you have Thor: The Dark World. The first trailer of which is right here;

Yip, that was who you thought. But how does all this lead into fellow Marvel Studios phase two film Guardians of The Galaxy?

 What do you think? 


  1. Looks good, looks really, really good. Although I'd have to say personally, I think I'll enjoy IM3 more.

  2. You just wait until Odin unleashes his own Hannibal Lector and becomes the scourge of Asgard at the end Dale - it'll go down in movie history as the ultimate twist!

    I'm so going to love this!
    I only decided that at the last minute, because really I like Sif and not that character Natalie Portman plays. I think she gets too much atention.
    But there is Loki!!!
    It'll be so great!

  4. Sif vs the Destroyer is one of my favourite parts of the last Thor film Aliera. Will be good if they extend her role in this film.

  5. I trully hope so.
    Sif is amazing, and wasn't in my opinion used to her standards,