Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OH THAT? THAT'S MY LIFE SIZE SKELETOR Fan Creates Ultimate Interior Design Piece

You know what drove me insane about Masters of the Universe action figures? The hand with all the fingers outstretched - what were you meant to do with it? Sure, on He-Man you chucked a shield over it, but for the non-shield sporting majority, it's only use was in patting their opponent to death or soothing an enraged Battle Cat or Teela (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Yes, I do think too much and should've let that go by now. But every time I see the 80's toys my childhood frustrations rise. It should've been a fist! The thought even pops into my head when I see this MASSIVE sculpture of Skeletor by DDG Colecciones, based on the original toy of the Lord of Snake Mountain...

I would not have turned the lights off in my room if I had that as a kid, but on the flipside, my life would've been complete at six, so it would've all evened out.

They did his staff too? Ohh man...

 What do you think?  For more amazing sculptures of everyone from Joker to The Hulk, Thundercats to Predator, visit DDG Colecciones right after the jump!


  1. Heh, you know, there should be a market for Giant Action Figures (Now with life like karate chop action!)

    Sure, it might be expensive, and sure, only those nerds with an impressive amount of money and living space would buy it.

    But then the rest of us could visit their homes. Like museums.
    Not stalkers.

  2. ToeJamm1:25 pm

    Life-sized Evil-Lyn. Yeah...I think I like that idea.

  3. Thanks for the comments folks and welcome to IADW ToeJamm!

    Random I think you're onto something there, lets get other folks to buy all the comics we want but can't get too, that way when they open their house to us walkin through, we have something to read while they get us a complimentary cold beer.

    ToeJamm I like the way you think, I'd still get TrapJaw first, cos well he rocks, and would make an intimidating bouncer for the door, but Evil Lyn sure would be next.

  4. Motorized Battlecat. That's all I'm saying. Motorized Battlecat.

    And Dan, that's brilliant!! In fact, if I'm ever rich, I will do precisely that.

  5. I must be getting old Random, my eyes instantly shorten 'Dan, that's brilliant' to 'Dan's brilliant'. My ego says that's perfectly healthy, my mind not so much :)

  6. Seems like a perfectly healthy thing to do, since I mean it that way, too.
    Shorten away!