Wednesday, April 03, 2013

WHAT A GALAXY TO GUARD: Marvel Studios Phase Two Concept Art Uncovered

When Marvel Cosmic hits the big screen with the upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy feature film, the Marvel-style visuals of the races, planets and technology are going to blow your Sci-Fi-Mind. Just check out this cosmic concept art found by GeekZenith and Liveforfilms, done for the little cosmic comic that could and you realise, having 'Galaxy' in the title of this film might be a bit to tiny to convey the scope contained inside....

Hey, who hasn't been at a bar with a feisty Racoon?

When this film was announced, I was at 'can't wait' status... now I'm thinking about starting a que for the 2014 blockbuster as soon as I get up. Stupid time. Wrecks everything.

 What do you think?  For Captain America 2 concept art, visit Liveforfilms or the GZ after the jump. To see the new Falcon concept art, visit IADW on Facebook, here.


  1. Looks breathtaking...the art and everything. I maybe be biased 'cause I'm more of a comic fan, but those scenes beat the hell out of Star Wars right there.

  2. Oddly enough Dale when I first wrote the post, I said the scenes bet the visualisation of Star Wars, ut changed it for blow your sci-fi-mind at the last moment. Great minds aye?

  3. Oh aye, like any true good Aussie-in-training right mate?;)

    But yeah, seriously, look at the detail on Rocket Raccoon alone! You can just about count all the individual fur and hair. Very awesome indeed. Looking very forward to seeing how the movie shapes up by next year.

  4. Hey you said it :)