Friday, May 03, 2013

FAREWELL FRIEND: Toasting Comics Alliance

I know this is almost a week late, but I wanted to raise a glass to the team at Comics Alliance, which last weekend was closed down by AOL. I held off on this post in the hopes that this week may see a return to action, but alas it has not.

Comics Alliance was my favourite professional comics website on the net, bar none. They focussed on artists and writers as much as they did comics, and covered other publishers in depth, not just the big two. They promoted what we the comic fans were up to and gave their opinion in equal doses. It was a brilliant site, and even in it's inert state still makes for an awesome web resource.

To all the team who brought CA to life, I hope your next venture goes just as well, no doubt we will all be looking for it.


  1. this is the first i'm hearing about this if anyone out there has the details please share.

  2. Not much to share really Dave, AOL closed many of their websites last week, and sadly CA was one of them. It was pretty unexpected too, the comments section of the last post has some statements by staff that flesh it out a bit more. Sad, sad news.

  3. Comics Alliance always had a better rep that most of the other sites; it seemed to be written by real fans of the genre, not professional blog writers who would toe the part line and plug the latest product. It had a lot on informed content which was useful to the fan who wanted a bit of 'on the street' reaction.
    Must admit I never 'logged on' to the site all that often but my occasional visits were fruitful.

    I hope it can be resurrected on another blog or site at some point.

  4. Thanks for the great words Karl!