Thursday, May 16, 2013

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I'LL CRY IF I WANT TO: Legion Of Super-Heroes Cover To Back Issue #61 By Alex Ross

I can't believe with big creators like Jim Lee and Grant Morrison stating how fond they are of The Legion of Super-Heroes, DC's 31st century umm well legion of super-heroes still fails to get the foothold in sales that it so richly deserves. Do fans not care about the coolness of Cosmic Boy and Timber Wolf? Or Dawnstar's outright awesomeness?

Well, today being the 16th of May is my birthday and as DC have used their August solicits to reveal the final issue of the Legion's latest series, I wanted to use this post to mark the date I first blessed this globe (and probably your un-birthday), by gifting your eyes this somewhat unknown wrap-around cover of the cosmic teens, by one of the biggest names in the biz, painter Alex Ross (click to enlarge).

A homage to Mike Grell's cover for Limited Collectors’ Edition #C-49, suddenly, all seems right once more. Happy un-birthday to you all!


  1. Happy Birthday Dan. Ross-omness, can't go wrong with that.

  2. Thanks Tiger OA! I thought you'd like the choice. Hope the day's been good your way too.

  3. Many happy returns, Dan, how old are ya? Best wishes...
    And yes great cool LSH cover, always wanted Ross to draw them ever since he did the one panel of them way back in Kingdom Come.
    Alter Ego has always done excellent 'lost drawings' of Grell's work on the LSH, such as forgotten costume designs, etc.

  4. Cheers for that Karl - I'm old enough to have seen Spidey change his costume more years than I've been alive, but hey you don't have to be too old for that do you? In DC terms, I was here for the first crisis, and feel the biggest crisis the company has pulled wasn't even labelled one.

    Oddly enough, I'm re-reading both KC and Marvels right now, so that's good timing!