Saturday, May 11, 2013

POWER RING VS POWER SWORD Masters Of The Universe Take On DC In August

Could Evil Lyn take Circe? Wonder Woman Teela? Or Trap-Jaw the Cyborg Superman? Seems all those fan fight thoughts you've had since you were unable to see over the kitchen counter are about to come true this August with DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #1.

While this cover art by Ed Benes shows a slugfest of epic proportions (that even includes Stratos!), over on BuzzFeed, writer Keith Giffen advised he'd be trying to avoid the "usual obvious cliches".

With interiors by Dexter Soy, the mini series will see Skeletor try to achieve over Earth what he never could over Eternia.

What is Skeletor to a Justice League that has had to pull Darkseid back in line? Will anyone in the DC52 like He-Man's new 'DC look'? And what will the warriors of Grayskull think of Earth's heroes sending their children into battle with The Teen Titans? The answers possibly lie only a few months away...

 What do you think? 

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