Thursday, May 09, 2013

SHE'S A GREAT WIFE: Man Builds Batman Movie Theatre In Family Home

During the Adam West Batman days, I'd pretend my top-bunk was Wayne Manor and by jumping to the 'Batcave' below, I was transformed into Robin, ready to right wrongs. That is until Mum would knock on the door and say 'For Christ sake Dan, you're twenty-six!'

Jokes aside, during those times, I would never have guessed that some people (cough) Chris Weir (/cough) would have the money ($150,000) to build a Batcave themed movie theatre into their house, let alone stock it with over 2,000 comics. Forget whatever The Riddler is up to, the fact I don't have one of these is the real crime...

Somehow the only thing my Shakespere would throw it's head back for if I owned one, would be to laugh at my notion of having a mansion. Stupid Bard... did he ever write anything as good as Batman: Year One? I think not.
 What do you think? 


  1. that was friggin awesome! it almost made me feel better today from the travesty of Suicide Squad #20 and the news about the introduction of Bronze Tiger in the new DCU as a fu@#$% "Thundercat" i shit you not! by the way thanks for the props about my little Boston bombing fund raiser link. my dad and i already donated over $100. i jut had to when i found out about the woman who was a dancer and had to have her leg amputated at a cost of $20,000. i hope that piece of shit who got plugged by the cops is burning in Hell right now.

  2. Thanks for the comments Dave - yip, there sure are some horrible stories coming out of those bombings, and even from the disaster in Bangladesh, where the man was found dead in the rubble, hugging his pinned wife and obviously waiting for a rescue that came too late... it's a crazy world.

  3. Okay, so. This is cool. And I'm not saying, had I the money, I wouldn't do something insane with it. Like actually building a TARDIS on my front lawn. That led to a secret underground bunker/playroom. But wow. I can't imagine spending that much money. Very very cool though.

    As to the bombings, it's senseless. That so many people are hurt or dead because there are other people in this world who genuinely do not care who lives or dies so long as they get their point across. It's hard for good people to fathom.

  4. I forgot to tell you Random - the Tardis fridge I did a post on - the folks are now doing Tardis fridge covers made to order to your own dimensions! Cool huh?

  5. Oh that is awesome! Now I just have to talk certain people in the house into that kind of thing.
    You should hear the grief for the TARDIS Van Gogh I framed and put up on the wall.
    In the Living Room.
    Next to the other Van Goghs.
    Heh heh.

  6. That's a great idea! This weekend I'm going to the Melbourne Art Gallery to see a Monet exhibition that's rolled into town. Maybe if I watercolour a Neil Gaiman's Sandman between now and then, they'll let me fill a space between frames. Swamps are soo over-rated anyway!