Wednesday, May 08, 2013

THE DREAM TEAM: Picking Marvel's MI:13

This arvo, I grabbed a handful of comics and headed to the park. Those books included the Paul Cornell written Captain Britain and MI:13. An amazingly fun, yet dramatic series, starring the likes of The Black Knight and Blade. A critical smash in print, yet never in sales, maybe now is the time for 'amazingly fun, yet dramatic' comics to return. If I was Marvel E.I.C., here are the six teammates I would pick;

Captain Britain: Obviously. How can you overlook this Brit? He has ties to Merlin (yes THAT Merlin), a sweet costume, was part of the coolest UK based comic team ever; Excalibur, and his sister Psylocke is a telepathic ninja that was once part of The Hand. See? By powers or family tree, this super-man is a lock.

Gargoyle: An icon of 80's Marvel, this former Defender would be a rock-solid choice for both the strongman of the team and the 'awesome visual'. Throw in a demonic history, and the new Gargoyle amongst the historic European architecture would be the mightiest one of all!

Lady Sif: With Norway off to the right, it only makes sense an Asgardian is on the team! Lady Sif's warrior spirit and relentlessness would make her MI:13's most versatile backbone. Not for politics, just battles in lands less crowded with 'capes' than Thor's "U.S.A."!

Meggan: Partly because the MI:13 issues I've just read featured a wicked plot by Paul, where Cap unknowingly walks away from being able to revive his true love, and partly because Meggan drawing energies from the Earth to battle Galactus in the pages of Excalibur is one of the seminal "Holy $%#%!" moments of my comic reading life.

Doctor Strange: At the risk of making the team too powerful, there is no comic hero I've looked at more and thought 'That should really be Big Ben behind him, not the Statue of Liberty' than Doctor Strange.

The Wasp: Janet Van Dyne is and was The Avengers best ever leader. Now she brings her experience in 'raising' a respected team and crime-fighting to new shores - as 2IC of MI:13! A fresh start for this fashionista on the streets of Europe - earning recognition as a hero in her own right at last!

 What do you think?  If you had six seats to fill, who would be your MI:13? Union Jack? Banshee perhaps? If you are wondering if I'll play 'Dream Team Excalibur' anytime soon, the answer is 'No'. Excalibur had its untouchable team. the first twenty five issues of the series especially prove that beyond doubt - check them out!


  1. I'm liking the post my friend, don't want to be the first one to sound off so i'll be back to check the line ups later.

  2. Thanks Tiger - you may be the only one who thinks my team suggestion can be rivalled though ;)

  3. I don't know, you've got a good damn team here. I especially like Sif. It's just when I think of extraterrestrial, supernatural cloak and dagger I didn't want to leave out Blade, Union Jack and the Black Knight. But seriously your team is kinda doing it big.

  4. Thanks Tiger! I like Sif too - although now i'm thinking if Marvel's original Runaways wouldn't look better on the streets of Trafalgar than they do in Queens.

  5. There could never be a MI13 for me, without Peter Wisdom. I like Pete! And I think he's been many times underplayed. Whichever the other might be Captain Britain and Peter Wisdom are indispensable.

  6. Good point Aliera! Pete was my next choice, along with Banshee.