Friday, May 24, 2013

WHAT IS THE SCARLET WITCH'S REAL NAME? Little Mia Grace Knows Her Marvels (Video)

When I was a kid I could name any car miles off. I could tell you what brand it was even if it was just a speck on the horizon. Nowadays it's a bit harder, as so many car bodies all look the God damn same, but there are still kids out there with incredible super-powers.

Young Mia Grace is one of them. Obviously a fan of Dad's comics, and herself a fan of the Marvel Super Hero Squad, Mia answers a string of trivia questions based on the House of Ideas, ranging from easy to hard and rarely misses a beat. Heck she even knows how the Surfer tracked down Thanos and why the soul gem is green!

Watch this miniature Marvel's memory in action, just click play;

Can we get this girl a stint on The Big Bang Theory? Because boy is she gonna break some comic-fan hearts when she's older.

 What do you think? 


  1. She sure is Dave!

  2. That was so cute. I could't get my youngest to keep his G.I.Joe file cards in order.

  3. G.I. Joe file cards - now those bring back memories!