Sunday, May 05, 2013

WHOSOEVER HOLDS THIS HAMMER: Thor Fan Creates 80,000 Volt Mjolnir

Ever been told doing D.I.Y. that 'That's not how you do it'. It's enough to make you pick up your hammer, point it in said critiquer's direction and imagine thousands of volts of electricity pouring in their direction, like the tool is Thor's enchanted Uru hammer itself. Well for one man, that imagined revenge is no longer just a pipe dream.

Caleb from Hackaday has created his own Mjolnir, and like Thor's weapon of choice, it actually shoots lightning - 80,000 volts of it...

And with that, no one would ever correct you again. Or you could just run around the neighbourhood zapping wayward 'handbag dogs', your choice. Yeah, you know the dogs I mean.

 What do you think? 


  1. oh i could so use that hammer at political events. especially when it comes assholes who are angry with me that don't want to keep their hands to them selves :)

  2. Well...I bet it wont be any breaking in line at Dragon con.

    Nice find Dan, I took a couple days off from posting (no surprise) to play Skyrim and see Ironman3. One of these things left the Agent a little disappointed.

    Have you seen the movie yet? And are you going to review it? Hope so.

  3. thanks for the comments folks! Dave I can think of a few uses for it myself. people who cant keep their hands to themselves included.

    Agent, a couple of days off can do wonders huh? I'm in two minds about seeing Iron Man 3 but if I do, it'll probably be nexf week so I'll post the worlds last review!