Monday, June 17, 2013

COMFORTABLY NUMB: Artist Creates The Avengers Version Of Iconic Pink Floyd Poster

Singing on a comic book movie soundtrack IS survivable. Iron Man 2 had a decent dose of ACDC and Linkin Park was the highlight of The Transformers films - and yes, Daredevil too. We all know comics are best read to matching music, so imagine the possibilities now their on-screen adaptations finally have some decent street cred.

Some fans however don't need to wait for the agents and the red tape to harmonise mediums. Take Zach T. Jordan - he's made his dream theme a reality by combining the iconic back catalogue poster for legendary rockers Pink Floyd, with the cast from The Avengers;

Shine on you crazy diamond (hey, someone had to go there).

 What do you think?  To see more of Zach's work, check out his Facebook page after the jump.


  1. Can't you just see Tony humming "There is no pain, it is receding?"
    Well. Maybe ironically.

  2. Is it me, or does Agent Coulson look more like former NY mayor Rudy Gullioni?

    Still, not a bad concept to cover though, as that famous PF poster is still one of my favorite promo pieces around w/their names on it.

  3. And Thor still has a hammer and not an axe! Oh well, at least he still looks the most like a rocker.

    I thought you'd like it Dave, being the music man and all.