Tuesday, June 11, 2013

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' September 2013 Solicitations

September is a dark month at DC Comics, literally. In the wake of the Trinity War conclusion, DC offers extra point editions to many of its titles, focusing on the company's biggest villains. Inheriting the earth in the first DC52 line-wide event, the covers to the Forever Evil issues will star their spotlighted foe in a massive 3D image! That said the best picks of the month are right here:

From Deadshot to Killer Frost, Black Manta to Cheetah, these 3D covers are both a nod to the cool cover gimmicks of the 90's and an exercise in wicked themselves. With all those chains flying, this cover really makes the most of that 3D feel with The Creeper!

DC says: Freed from his mystical prison, The Creeper walks a path littered with gore and misery--and there may be no way to stop him! Many will be caught in his web, including the Justice League of America's Katana and Jack Ryder, The Creeper's unwitting human host. Where will The Creeper strike next?


MAN-BAT - Detective Comics #23.4

Sure you've got Bane, Riddler and The Joker, but how Man-Bat often gets left out of the great Bat-rouges is beyond me - he's a freakin' man-bat! A simple concept creates great villains - and if this image is anything to go by, the winged terror returns to the DC52 in ways no mere werewolf ever could.


Batman/Superman #3.1
Before you start trying to figure out if Doomsday actually still killed Superman in the DC52 continuity, like he monumentally did in the old, here's a better question for you; Has Batman ever fought the creature? Sure he faced an army of Doomsday clones in Michael Turner's debut Supergirl story, but here he's up against the real McCoy! Place your bets!

 What do you think?

Do you like the idea of gimmick covers making a return? What villian are you hoping to see step up? Sound off below. For DC's full September line-up, follow the jump!


  1. I think with all the lack of decent character development in DC's world right now, they should be more focused on correcting that than putting out shnazzy covers to ooh and ah over. I love good artwork, and it is important to comics, obviously, but putting a gimmick like this on the front is not going to get me to buy the issue if I don't think the content inside is going to hold my interest. I'd rather just have it as a print for framing.

  2. Personally Random I agree. I think where Marvel NOW wins out over DC52 is that for all their revamping, the line still reads as a consistent universe across the line. With DC, some characters read untouched by the 52, others very retouched and its up to you the fans to join all the dots. Therefore you sacrifice development time because you're to busy explaining why youve brought timeless character x in line with fad y instead of just appreciating their iconic nature or history and just get on with telling good stories that show them to the world.

  3. This, exactly. And yeah, the covers are really, really nice, but it's like putting a shiny, red bow or new coat of paint on a beat to fuck/unfinished car. Just not helping.

    And as somewhat interesting as the whole Villain Month/Forever Evil seems, not withstanding that DC already did the same thing back in '05 with Infinite Crisis, or that Marvel did it back during the Acts of Vengeance story-line, it chance the fact that all of the NU52 characters haven't been around long enough and aren't developed enough to actually have this whole "event" make any sort of sense whatsoever.

  4. The only Marvel Now I've gotten into so far is Hawkeye, but I really love that one. He's interesting, story and art wise. And fresh without pandering to current trends.
    I'd say they should take it as a template, but egads, I think they have enough of them.
    They need to grow decent imaginations.

  5. IS it true what Ive heard that during Villains Month in September, none of the regular books are being printed...instead we are getting four Batman and four Superman themed books, and every other comic is getting the Villain 'alternative'??
    As much as Im disliking the new DC and its odd universe, having no regular comics for a month...oohh I don't like that. I spend £300 per month on comics and statues and action-figures and with all the recent comic axings Im only getting half my amount of books now. Theres not much to buy apart from TPBs of comic-series. My DC collecting has plummeted from twenty-nine to fifteen.
    Still, a month off might do my check-book a bit of a breather.

  6. Random, can I please have that phrase? "They need to grow decent imaginations"

  7. Thanks for the great comments folks - if you are looking for a trial of something different, watch for the 18th of June post - your chance will never be better or cheaper - trust me.

    @Dale DC keeps doing the world without the big three kinda thing too. Then you look over and realise thats what Marvel pretty much did post Avengers Disassembled and it's pretty hardcase. You would've thought Earth 1 would meet Earth 2 in a nod to classic DC events of old but maybe that's next fall...

    @Random - I love that Hawkeye is a hit. It makes me so glad. I just stayed away because I feared an all encompassing Avengers crossover (as they have how many titles now) and thought it best to play safe. Don't know why as I loved Operation Galactic Storm.

    You're right though, we should get more indie takes on famous faces.

    @Karl Looking at the solicits, Justice League, Justice League of America, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batman, and Batman TDK, all have four issues that month. Earth 2, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, have two issues and Flash has 3.

    No regular books either you are right. A massive gambit for both hogging unit and dollar share, if it fails it will be a one off, but if it works, they could be testing the waters to see how many titles fans of certain characters are willing to spend up each month.

    My DC collecting too has plummeted. I used to collect a fair chunk of the universe. Now it's less than a slice. Still who knows if Superman Unchained can help there, or like I say, watch out for the 18th...

  8. @TigerOA1, Help yourself! My phraseology is your phraseology.

    That villains gambit...ugh.

    Okay, you want to put a villains book out, do it. But why force your readership into something they don't want and risk losing them? Just to MAKE them read a comic?

    I don't like that.