Monday, June 03, 2013

DEATH BY SPRAYPAINT: Thanos Mural Brings The Stars To The Streets

I'm not a property developer or trader by any means, but you know one piece of land whose 'view' will see it rise in the next year? The home that looks out onto this mural, starring the big bad for the next wave of movies from Marvel Studios, Thanos:

No don't squint - click to enlarge! Done by the talented hands of Meryln_One, Marvel's lover and attractor of Death has never seemed more menacing! Now if the neighbouring wall could have the Guardians of the Galaxy, it'd be hot property for sure!

 What do you think? 


  1. It's difficult for me to tell--but are the different colored designs bookending Thanos spelling something? Otherwise I'm not sure what they signify. (But a nice mural nonetheless.)

  2. I tried to read them too Comicsfan, but I'm not sure and on his site it doesn't reference them so I'm thinking they might just be visuals.

    Glad you liked it though!

  3. People like this should offer to paint actual houses.

    I'd pay them.