Tuesday, June 04, 2013

FLIP-BOOK HIM! Fan Creates The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Animation Battle

The problem with 12-step plans is that there are twelve steps. As a student, I looked at every exercise book I had with the idea of making a flip-book Oscar winning presentation, but four of eight frames in, I was usually distracted by something cooler, like lunch. 

Luckily there are folks like YouTube user etoilec1, who after producing some stunning Dragonball Z flip-books, has graduated to the bloodier style of Mortal Kombat and produced a four book battle. Yes, that's right; one flip-book for each round of the Jax vs Shang Tsung battle, and one for it's brutal conclusion. Check it out...

Yeah, I've dreamed about doing that 'Finish Him' move to some people - especially bad supermarket trolley drivers. But that's another Oprah. Did you see how the characters actually moved and even teleported just like they do in the games? Now that's dedication!

 So, what do you think? 


  1. That was epic brilliance! I have to show this to the boy, he is going to flip out. And then hopefully spend the rest of the summer making inappropriately gruesome flip books. :)

  2. I can see them now Random - Freddy vs Barbie - though I'm sure Barbs is a dirty fighter with a few beers in her, no childhood is complete without beheading a Barbie in some way! Heck, its almost a badge in scouts!

  3. Hey Dan, ComicsAlliance is back, from the folks who bring us TownSquareMedia, they started up again yesterday.
    Have you heard that September is Villains month in DC and they are developing...wait for it, 3-D covers! Seen the one for Earth 2 and its great!

  4. Hey Karl - that's awesome about CA been back mate (I'd only just deleted their old book -mark so will have to reinstall that.

    3-D covers aye - looks like the 90's gimmick covers might not have been as short lived as everyone thought. Will be cool seeing them on stands.