Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IN THE MOOD FOR SOMETHING NEW: 10% Off Humanoids Graphic Novels Today Only

Are you one of those fine comic reading folk looking for something different from what 'The Big Two' offer, but still want to enjoy the works of names like Terry Dodson, John Cassaday and Moebius? Well Humanoids, a key European graphic novel publisher is coming to your aid, launching their online store June 18th 2013 - aka today.

Covering diverse genres such as action, crime, erotic, fantasy, horror, humour, sci-fi and even slice of life, there is something within their massive publishing catalogue to suit every taste. Personally, I am currently making my way through writer Alexandro Jodorowsky's The Technopriests and becoming more addicted with every page. Decent sci-fi can be pretty hard to find in comics, but it is backed up by the truckload here!

The Humanoids online store also offers free shipping in the US, a free digital copy of any purchase and exclusive online store only items. 

Ready to join me in giving these fantastic books a whirl? To help you get started, simply enter promo code RRZ8515 at the online store to get 10% off any purchase - today only. You can't get better than that!


  1. This definitely looks like something I might try and score sometime. Right up my weird reclusive alley.

    Did I ever tell you I found an old 1970's "graphic novel" of Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination in the semi local comic shop? I did a squeal that actually made the shop dude jump. Then made him call the owner for the price, cause of course it didn't have one. And I wasn't leaving without that sucker.

  2. "Squeal" moments are awesome aren't they Random. I think my biggest two were seeing Batman vs Predator on the shelf in the days before preview catalogs broke all the news, and JLA #1 as well, as I lived in a town at the time with no actual comic store and one where only Bongo comics really made it to the bookstores. Bongo!!

    If you give humanoids a try, let me know how you go!

  3. I just read a Humanoids book called "Day of the Magician" incredible work!

  4. Thanks Marcelo - hope this online store makes other great finds easier for you too!

    I might need to use some of their great splashies on this site in future.