Saturday, June 29, 2013

MASTER MOLD: The Sentinel Stained Glass Window To Keep Your House Mutant-Free

While Sentinels generally break glass in order to genetically cleanse the human race of Mutants, be they Morlock, Hellion or one of the Xavier School's swimsuit illustrated versions,  Zero Wing Labs has created this stained glass version of one of the giant robots as part of the 'Labs pop culture range.

A great choice of subject - more so than the usual crowd - this fearsome mosaic marvel makes me excited to see who Zero Wing Labs will knock up next! Human Torch? Galactus? Doctor Doom? Grr - there aren't enough windows in my house!

 What do you think?  For more making of images and the rest of the Zero Wing Labs creations visit their webpage after the jump.


  1. Oh this is really fucking cool! I'm sure this is something random would get if the mister would let her;)

    Hey, funny and fucked up would it be if one of the X-Men had that installed in the mansion?

  2. Who wouldn't get it in their house Dale - just not as the bedroom skylight - I'd scream the house down (in the manliest of ways) waking up to that image looming over me!

  3. No, Dan, you get it as a skylight, above the mosaic floor of Wolvie being incinerated down to his adamantium bones. Classic cover turned architecture. Boom.
    Dale, you are so right. I want this.

  4. Then Random on nights of wild weather you could look through the glass and picture Storm coming in for revenge - see I get it!

    Glad you like it too 'Shlomo' - looks like a clean sweep for the Sentinel so far!

  5. ID love a stained glass Fantastic Four window; Ive got practically every other thing made of them - , jackets, ties, cutlery, even a boomerang [which my parents refused to have in the house when I was a teenager as being anti-religious they thought it was a crucifix!

  6. A FF boomerang Karl? Jeepers, Marvel marketing really does leave no stone unturned"

  7. It was a cardboard boomerang, Dan, given away as a free gift in the 70s with the FF British Weekly, very flimsy it was too!

  8. Still how come us actual down under folk didn't get it? crazy marketing folk!

  9. Damn, that really is a crazy piece of FF merch. Should we blame it on the 70's like everyone else does?;)

    Here's some other quick comic skylight scene idea for the house:

    -Wolverine's crucifixion from the cover of UXM:251

    -The scene from an episode of B:TAS, when Talia and Batman kissed out in the desert after he defeated her father Ra's for the first time.

    -Any 70's Jack Kirby Captain America art or cover.

    -Followed up by various images of Jim Strenko's Cap ad Nick Fury art.

    -Alex Ross. Period.

  10. Those are some really great ideas for other windows Dale. Can you imagine a whole room of windows from Alex's greatest scenes, like Angel lifting the mutant above the mob from the cover of Marvels, or the Dark Knight overlooking the city from Batman War On Crime... The Church of Ross.

    Man all these great ideas birthed on comic websites! Hopefully some millionaire out there reads them and decides to make it so. Not me I'm afraid though - after bills my wallet is reading about five bucks and a stick of gum from a packet of 80's wrestling cards.

    Any advances?