Friday, June 07, 2013

SUPER MAD: Final Man Of Steel Trailer And Lettered Superman Unchained Preview

As you can see from the banner swap here on It's A Dan's World, the whole world (this one included) is going super-mad. The Man of Steel is only days away from busting blocks at a movie theatre near you (unless you live here in New Zealand, then you have to wait until the 27th), and hit-duo writer Scott Synder and artist Jim Lee, launch the new comic Superman Unchained on June 12th.

As the stars of both print and screen align, both media have introduced the latest teaser of their projects. Let's start with this, the final movie trailer, where it's less talk and more heat vision. Check it out.

Stop the press! A Superman movie where he actually throws down like Superman can! How long has it been since we had that? Zod looks like he's set to leave a mark - both on Kal-El and Hollywood villainy.

Not to be out done, here is the lettered preview of Superman Unchained. The mystery tale of one of thirteen satellites Superman failed to save, including a two sided poster at a whopping11.6875” x 18.875” - now that's cool!

Did you see the detail and scale on that external satellite shot? Off the super-hook! I've booked my copy, have you?

 What do you think? 


  1. Two beautiful Superman things in one post. Good job, Dano.
    I think my excitement about this movie is only outshone by my son's. He hasn't reached this level of enthusiasm since the last Spiderman movie. And if you know my boy, that's quite a bit of bounce.
    I'm at the "bouncing in my seat and clapping anytime I see a clip" part of my gear up to release.


  2. Thanks Random! As a known Superman fan, some friends groaned when I said he's heading back to theatres originally. Now those same mates are counting down days a.d remarking on the trailers as well. Fingers crossed!

    You and your son will get to see it before me but you'll have to promise - no spoilers ;-)

  3. Mum's the word. Promise.

  4. Jim Lee's art normally leaves me cold - far too Image-like for my tastes - but this piece is fabulous! The amount of detail is crazy. Im going to get this just for the sheer thrill of it.

  5. Karl, I'm actually thinking of getting two copies for some reason. My main gripe with the new Supes in the DC52 is he looks too young to have the respect and authority Superman has, but here it feels right. Hope so!

  6. Im off later tonight to a special 'first look' preview of the Superman movie, prior to its release this Friday. If permitted, Dan, Id like to post a short review later this week [no spoilers, for obvious reasons, I know the value of keeping things secret].

  7. I was actually thinking of asking a couple of people to write up their thoughts and post them all at once - maybe Dave or Random could do the same and email then in for me to format.

    Just thinking out loud... could be different!

  8. it is!

    On first sight, last night as we of our Legion APA [Amateur Press Alliance] sat down in the Odeon, Leicester Square to see the [first look!!!] new Superman movie, one thought occupied our minds; with Nolan having rebooted Batman, could he and Zack Snyder [director] successfully relaunch this most iconic of characters?
    Yes! Though its not exactly what wed think it would be.
    Action-wise, it starts big and just keeps on getting bigger. An extended [perhaps too long] opening on Krypton sees Jor-El [Russell Crowe looking too much like Russell Crowe] presiding over his sons birth in the midst of a military coup led by General Zod [Michael Shannon, whose facial muscles barely twitch at all].
    Phenomenal in its scale - Jor-El rides a winged alien through all sorts of explosions and carnage - and finally when it all gets too much, it ends with baby Kal-El crash landing on Earth.
    Much of the films mid-section jumps between present-day action, as the adult Clark helps people in need, and the teenage Clark back in Smallville comes to terms with his powers.
    Its only after reporter Lois [Amy Adams, who provides a kooky ingénue portrayal of her iconic character] finds him, around the same time that General Zod arrives on Earth, that he has to don the blue suit and get around to saving the planet.
    Full of mind-blowing action - at times it resembles those Michael Bay Transformers movies that rely on fits and bursts of spectacle and explosions to mask any actual acting - the 'Battle of Smallville' is the films truly only stand-out sequence worth mentioning ; a three-way rumble between Superman, Zod and the American airforce.
    Tonally you can easily see the influence of Nolan who adopts the seriousness of the Batman films but also has the huge spectacle of last years Avengers movie in mind.
    Cavill looks and acts the part quite adequately, sidestepping some of what could've been the comic's slightly camper elements. For my mind tho, he maybe needs a second film to truly get to grasp with the character. Still, job well done.
    And heres the interesting thing which might cause controversy - for the most part theres no disguising his identity with wearing glasses, and [wait for it] hes never directly referred to as 'Superman' - the 'S' on his chest is now the Kryptonian symbol of hope and this is his central theme thruout the film.
    Eventually, in the final third of this 140-minute movie, action fatigue sets in. As the umpteenth skyscraper collapses, it begins to feel like CGI overload and , in 3D as well, all a bit much.
    Ultimately tho, it does feel as if the Superman franchise - and this does feel as if its a franchise waiting to be reawakened - has successfully been revived and become a Super blockbuster worthy of the legacy of Christopher Reeve.

    Hope this review is okay, Dan. I haven't included any spoilers to ruin anything [hopefully] and would like it if you could include it in any of your format. Cheers.

  9. Wow, nice one Karl - thanks for going to all that effort! Makes me even more hyped to see it when it finally hits these shores!

    Plus now I know who can fill in when I need a holiday :)

    Really appreciate the input mate!