Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SUPERMAN AIN'T ALONE Comics Other Top 10 Strange Visitors From Another Planet

Right now Superman is crunching box-office records all over the globe, and while few heroes deserve that treatment as much as the original super-hero, he's not the only pebble on the beach. Comics are littered with valiant folk from other planets!

While your usual top ten aliens list is hogged with the likes of Silver Surfer, Starfire, Supes and Martian Manhunter, I like to expose the other equally great (if not better) concepts one row back. Like these;

10) SLEEPWALKER An officer in a corps of aliens that patrol access to the sleeping 'dreamscapes' of all minds, Sleepwalker actually looks like an alien and not just a Swimsuit Illustrated model with coloured skin. Although if he knows my dreams, he's probably seem them too.

9) ROM SPACEKNIGHT Okay so ROM didn't debut in comics, but I'm afraid of what Dave would do if I left him out. Inspired by the toy, this cyborg fought a war against the threat of the Dire Wraiths, with little but a gun, a name and a prayer to back him up.

8) SAVAGE DRAGON Erik Larsen's infamous creation lands on the streets of Chicago, as a green-skinned, mohawk-finned police officer. From super-freaks to God to The Devil, he takes on 'em all. The only constant - the bookie favours each match to be bloody.

7) ZEALOT The first flagship lady of Image/Wildstorm comics, and the bod that launched 1,000 dreams in the 90's, Lady Zannah of Khera spent millions of years after crashing on earth, protecting an oblivious human race to an embedded shape-shifting Daemonite threat.

 Who are the top six 'other strange visitors from another planet?  Click through to the next page and find out!

6) ORION Sure Mister Miracle is my favourite of Jack Kirby's New Gods, but as a creation to comics in general, the second son of Darkseid just breaks ahead onto this list. The hot tempered scion keeps his dark heritage in check as the heralded Dog of War.

5) LOCKHEED Sure the X-Woman Shadowcat has been trained by Wolverine himself, but we all know it's really her 'pet' Lockheed that has her back. A hero and fighter of his people against the Brood threat, he can also provide comedic relief or frank opinion in equal doses.

4) COSMIC BOY As a teen united nations of planets, The Legion of Super-Heroes could bounce all over this list just like Bouncing Boy. Putting aside Dawnstar, Tellus and others, it is Rokk Krinn whose steele and mettle has held the Legion tight since its earliest days!

3) HAWKWOMAN Move aside girl - being a Hawk' is a woman's job. Back in the day, Shayera Hol was the brains of the Hawkman operation. As a member of the Justice League and a space cop, Shayera was a winged wonder all on her own.

2) MOGO Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore didn't just build Watchmen - they birthed a warrior planet into the Green Lantern Corps. Able to suck opponents to his surface and 'decompose' them, this living planet creates one hell of a shadow on the battlefield or as the GL's ring-matcher and training ground!


With a personality that belies his fiery equestrian-like looks, Bill can be just as intimidating on the field of battle as his enchanted hammer Stormbreaker. A member of Omega Flight and The Annihilators, if Hollywood thinks Thor is cool, just wait until they get ahold of Thor's galactic one-time rival! Actually, with The Avengers set to tie in with The Guardians of The Galaxy movie, they just might!

 What do you think?  Kilowog? Gladiator? Lilandra? Invincible?Marrina? Who do you think comics' other Top 10 Strange Visitors From Another Planet are?


  1. I like how fear of Dave is one of your reasons for including ROM. :) Although I agree completely, he absolutely deserves a spot on this list. As does everyone else you've mentioned. There's a reason Cosmic Boy comes up as the winner of the Legion's elections for leader time after time. And it's not the cool haircut. An honorable mention, I think, should be Invincible. He might only be half alien, and rather new to the Image universe, but his dedication to not only the people of Earth but innocents everywhere is the hallmark of the word "hero". And the deceptively simple plotline at the start leaves your jaw gaping at what gets thrown at him time after time.

  2. i prefer to be feared then respected anyways.

  3. Loving the list Dan, as you make some good points about all the persons you entered in here.

    I'd like to add to the list if I may the following:

    -Starfire. How could you've forgotten to list her?
    -Lilandra, former queen of the Sh'air
    She's on here solely for the fact that if not for her, the X-Men might never have encountered/had a reason to encounter the Sh'iar at all.

    -Captain Marvel(the Kree Captain Mar-Vel)

    -Crystar(from Marvel and that Robot Chicken skit)

    -Silver Surfer. Yes, he's an alien too

    -Ultraa, the multi-alien

    -I also want to say Jack of Hearts, but he's only half-alien.

    Also, I'm glad you quickly mentioned the other WildCATS in Zealot's entry; I myself would've just listed the whole team, but then only about three of them were true aliens.

    Scarred of Shlomo huh? That wouldn't have anything to do with him being the the new GI JEW would it? lol

    Great list though Dan, and very timely too.

  4. Thanks guys - seems this was a pretty popular post, as it went straight into the most read posts side-bar almost instantly.

    Glad you liked my Dave based motivations Random :) And yes Invincible was close on my list too - I thought if you took the usual top ten cosmic characters out, there would be a short list of next contenders, but I literally had pages of contenders that I had to let go - I mean where is the mohawk of Gladiator? The Guardians or Firelord? I tell ya it ain't easy running a comic site! :)

    Dave - you have my respect always.

    Dale - Glad you love the list too! Like I said in the intro I wanted to do the top ten cosmic characters outside the usual top ten so Starfire, Silver Surfer, Martian Manhunter etc are absent for a reason but you are right they all massively cool characters!

    Captain Marvel was originally on my list, though my favourite is the Rick Jones version, so I wasn't sure how alien he was. Ultraa is brilliant!! I forgot about him! And Lilandra was on the list until I remembered Zealot, actually so was Big Barda, so I had to reevaluate who my favourite alien warrior woman was and run with the best. Glad you dug my choice :)

    Thanks for all the great additions though - I knew you'd have some doozies!

  5. No problem Dan, such a cool post like this is truly deserves a top spot. it's just a fun list to think about basically.