Thursday, June 13, 2013

THE CLOWN PRINCE: E3 2013's Batman Arkham Origins Trailer And The Crowds Priceless Reaction To PS4 vs Xbox One

Had I had a ticket to E3 2013, I would've been like a kid in the backseat on the way to Disneyland. Except instead of bouncing up and down excitedly over visiting the world's number one Mickey Mouse outfit, I'd have been repeatedly saying "Is it Batman: Arkham Origins trailer time yet?" Yup, I'm that kind of annoying.

Sure, above that E3 was set to be the showdown of the next gen platforms, Xbox One and Playstation 4, but as this comparative vid shows, with price revealed, one party came off looking like The Joker...

Yeah, boo's while onstage do lead to the odd "We will start over". At least that kind of reaction can't happen at Comic Con - or can it? But I digress, at the risk of annoying my inner backseat child, get your Deathstroke ready, it's Batman: Arkham Origins trailer time.

"Luckily there ain't a problem in the world that can't be solved with a little bit of money." Deadshot, Joker, Bane, Black Mask... looks like the best just keeps getting better.

 What do you think? 


  1. Ooooh that looks so good! Makes we wish I had a PS4, and then a PS3 to play the last two games.

  2. Anything with Mark voicing the Joker makes me want to own it Dale. After all these years he still sounds as perfect as ever.

  3. You're not kidding. My son can tell instantly if it's not Mark Hammil. And if it isn't he remains convinced it's not the "real" Joker, but part of a clever distraction plot.
    Dale, these games are so awesome I haven't gotten to play the first two. My son automatically steps in and takes over. They are that good.
    Looks like Sony learned from the price tag on the PS3. The one thing that can save XBox is if they get rid of all that proprietary crap. If they take off the restrictions on linking a game to one console, they'll outsell Sony just because, hey, you can borrow games from your friend.
    Like we all do. Stupid corporations.

  4. I'm with your son Random - Heath Ledger being an obvious exception!

    My biggest gripe with PS3 was that I couldn't play my PS2 games on it, because dang I still like my Final Fantasy VII. To be honest though, I think my next console would be a Sega Megadrive again (or genesis you US folk called it) because X-Men, Maximum Carnage, Sonic and more are still addictive stuff!