Sunday, June 30, 2013

YOU'RE TOAST KAL-EL! Superman Bread Recipe Brings Hope To School Lunches

While my baking often leaves the eater feeling a bit Green Lantern around the gills, I am glad that the new Man of Steel movie has firmly stated the Superman 'S' stands for 'hope' - because that's exactly what I need to step infront of any oven, especially to bake some of Chris-Rachael Oseland's Superman Sandwich Bread.

With Chis's complete recipe written as if Kal-El himself was instructing your kiddies (or kiddy at heart), it seems the perfect ingredient for a fun day in the kitchen. Just don't serve this up with any rabbit food salad filling - no tomato, lettuce or egg - this ain't Wonderbread. Superbread needs to be accompanied with a decent steak, gravy and onions - now that's the breakfast of champions!

 What do you think?  For the complete step by step recipe, and more pictures of Chris's colourful creation, hit the jump!


  1. Very cool. I wonder what other cross sections you could make with colored dough?
    Now I want a steak, too. Thanks Dan. I was wondering what to eat.

  2. I'm guessing the Batman bat might come out more like a butterfly made this way Random, which is'nt as intimidating to evil, but probably tastes the same bread wise.

    As for steak, a good steak is the answer to all lifes questions. Even the ones we don't know yet.