Monday, July 22, 2013

BAMF! Reborn Nightcrawler And Firestar To Lead All New Amazing X-Men Series

One of the best parts about writer Jason Aaron's Wolverine and the X-Men series, is the way a horde of miniature nightcrawlers infested and bamfed their way around the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Well, in the upcoming series Amazing X-Men, Jason will be bringing back the real McCoy to show 'em how it's done (Nightcrawler that is, not Beast - although Amazing X-Men will star him to)!

As you can tell from the above cover image to issue one (and a tribute to the classic cover by co-creator Dave Cockrum (left)), Wolverine, Storm, Northstar and Iceman also sign-up, ready to be drawn by series' artist, Ed McGuinness. Highlighted by a resurrected Kurt, who has really only been seen by Wolverine in Hell, since dying to save Hope from Bastion's forces.

Another key highlight for this New Warriors fan, is the sight of Firestar within the group. Hopefully Aaron plans to write the former Hellion and X-Girl as the fiery headed but mature hero she was portrayed as in Kurt Busiek's Avengers run, and not the school-girl she has often been reduced to in the interim.

Ten points for those who realised the big bad of the cover is Azazel (the fellow teleporter whose 'rain' made one of the best comic movie scenes ever in X-Men: First Class). Azazel has now returned to the printed page as a pirate thief the team must halt in his tracks.

 What do you think? 


  1. I was just telling Dale it would take Nightcrawler to get me back to reading any book with Wolverine in it! Yay! And I mean YAAAAYYY! Nightcrawler has always been one of three of my favorite X people. He was always one of the more real personalities on the team. No humongous ego, angst, of course, but he always put his fellows before himself. And he could teleport in a wave of fiery bamf! How cool was that?! He also had one of those costumes that just instantly looked right.
    I'll say it again, Yay!

  2. As a fan of the visual characters Random, Kurt is one of my three as well. I liked that he was a console to all yet strong enough to lead when needed and loved those scenes where he'd bamf around a foe multiple times, giving 'em a knuckle sandwich from all directions.

    Now he, Storm and Logan are on the same team again? Is anyone else getting All-new X-Men nostalgic?

    Dave Cockrum may have originaly sketched him as a character for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but the X-crowd just wouldn't be the same without Nightcrawler.

  3. Great news. Nightcrawler and firestar. It seems these new X-Books have had the perfect combination of team members. I'm loving it.

    I'm wondering what X-book Shaman is going to show up in. Please Marvel don't leave him out. You guys are doing to good.

  4. @Dan, yeah exactly, And yeah, Firestar's now in the X-Men sandbox huh? Sounds promising. And hey, Kurt's back!!!!!

  5. @Tiger - good call mate, Shaman would be awesome, Puck and Northstar can't have all the fun. Speakin of which where is Jean-Marie?

    @Dale - It has sure been a few years since Firestar romped with the X's Dale. Just like the Hellions visited her in the Warriors, maybe the Warriors can visit her here. I mean how fun would it be to see Beast bounce off against Speedball?

  6. I just want Alpha Flight back. Or is that too greedy?

  7. When the best ginga hero of all, Sasquatch is involved Random, nothing is too greedy!