Sunday, July 21, 2013

EXTERMINATE ALL LIFE! Ultron Named To Bring The Annihilation To Avengers Sequel (UPDATED)

And we all thought Thanos was going to be the big bad of Avengers 2. Today at Comic Con, Joss Whedon blew the Infinity Gems out of that Gauntlet, revealing this logo for the summer 2015 film:

Okay, so over at Joss has ruled out that it is based on the recent comic of the same name, but could it be based on Kurt Busiek and George Perez's defining Avengers Ultron story, the mankind cleansing robot doesn't slay chances of a cosmic angle. Remember this from Annihilation Conquest?

Annihilation was one of the best comic events EVER, giving Marvel Cosmic a better relationship with the mainstream Marvel U. Maybe the comics' cinematic cousins are looking to do the same?

With a logo that screams 'The Scarlet Witch is here!', the final Phase 2 film for the hit-making studio may also now include more of the dysfunctional family at the true heart of the team. Controversially Joss has ruled out Hank Pym, but could The Wasp, Wonder Man and (the best Avenger of all) The Vision still follow?

One thing's for sure, a few clues between now and Avengers: Age of Ultron will probably be found here;

 What do you think? 


  1. Im totally stoked about this news - Ultron has to be the mnst persistent nemesis the Avengers has ever faced, and has an incredible back-story to boot.
    And just think...this news must also mean Henry Pym will be appearing in it too!

  2. It sure is great news Karl - anything that leads to having Giant Man towering over audiences can only be a good thing!

    As always, thanks for the comments!

  3. Ive also heard rumours [unconfirmed btw] that with Phase 3 of the industry's super-hero movies being an Ant-Man movie, plans might be to have Scott Lang instead of Henry Pym be the star of that movie, and for Pym to be in the Avengers [not sure how I feel about Lang being the movie Ant-Man myself], even another rumour that if neither is in it, then Stark [of all people] will be the one to build Ultron instead - which I sincerely hope does not happen.

  4. Iron Man making Ultron would literally make me scream the house down Karl. Movie watching audience or not.

    I heard Ant-Man would be based off the issue where Lang broke into steal Pym Particles. So hopefully that means the big guy is already making them world famous by then!

  5. Do we also think that alongside Ultron, we might also get a sneaky preview of...the Vision? Now, that would be incredible! I heard that actor Clark Gregg [Agent Coulson] was going to be the new Vision at one point.

  6. I hope so Karl. Like I say in the post Vision is my favourite Avenger, so anything that brings that walk through walls awesomeness to screens can only be a good thing. Coulson always did have his pressence too!

  7. I heard it was going to be no Pym and the origin of Ultron is going to be redone.

    I think they're so in love with the Avengers line up from the first movie that we might not not see but one new edition to the team.

    I guess as long as Hawkeye is still around I'm good. I guss.

  8. Yeah I'm in the more Hawkeye camp too OA - it was a great surprise in the original movie, having him get more screen time than Cap, and what a clever way to up his ability and threat level from what it was introduced as in Thor!