Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GET ME TO THE TARDIS! York Maze Creates Giant Dr Who / Dalek Maze Attraction

With their website promising to give "your whole family an 'a-mazing' day out", York Maze's latest attraction might see 'Whovians' disappear a little longer than most. Struggling to find their way around the Yorkshire countryside, trapped in this massive Dr Who / Dalek maze;

Celebrating 50 years of the good Doctor, the corn maze features the biggest image of a Dalek ever created (over 300 metres long), and the faces of both the first Doctor Who (William Hartnell) and the most recent (Matt Smith) - What? No Cybermen?

With Dalek replicas scattered inside the maze, July 27th will be Sci-Fi day at the attraction, with prizes for the best Dr Who dressed fans!

 What do you think?  To see the maze in all it's glory, click here.


  1. That's stunning, truly a work of genius - it mustve took ages. I live not far from Yorkshire [they call it 'God's Country' here in the UK] and if I get a couple of days off from work I might just go up there and try to get lost in it.

  2. I'd go dressed as a Weeping Angel, stand at various places in the maze with my eyes covered, and only move when people weren't looking at me. Yes. I am that creepy. Hey. You have to get in the spirit of these things.
    Karl, I'm gunning for you.

  3. It always surprises me how dedicated Dr Who fans and tributes can be. It's not as big of a franchise as Star Wars and Star Trek in a few ways but fans go above and beyond all opposition to show their love for the Dr and his adversaries!

    I'd go as a Cyberman but then that wouldn't be too original, so you might have to give me some tips Random.

    Karl, they call New Zealand 'Gods Own' - do you think the places are related? If you do go let me know how it went!