Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HUMAN ROCKETS! Nova Corps Protect Guardians Of The Galaxy Prop Display

When you have weapons like Drax the Destroyer's blades on show, you need guards that can keep them from falling into the wrong hands. At SDCC in the weekend, Marvel Studios had the best force in the Galaxy step up to the plate, with their prop display from the upcoming space-faring pick Guardians of The Galaxy, flanked by officers of the Xanadarian Nova Corps. Just like Nova, bucket-headed and all...

While I love the fact Star Lord's props include taking a Sony Walkman to the cosmos to hear his tunes on, the tease that the ultimate New Warrior might be closer to Hollywood than any of us thought is really what will have my mind on 'overdrive' all day.

 What do you think?  To see the full range of prop photos, including Drax's blades, visit the folks over at


  1. Nova. Kickin' it old school. I find this much cooler than an iPod. Although he probably only has storage space for a couple tapes. I wonder what he listens too?

  2. Nova I think would listen to everything up tempo but a little retro at the same time. Guns and Roses that kind of stuff. What do you reckon?

  3. I can see that. Maybe shoot a little Metallica in there. With just one round of Yes's "Starship Trooper" for laughs.